How Long Does Monistat-1 Stay in You - (And Why)?

How Long Does Monistat-1 Stay in You – (And Why)?

Exact Answer: 7 days

Monistat-1 is used in vaginal yeast infection. The drug helps to reduce itching, burning sensation in the vagina and discharge, which occur due to yeast infection.

Monistat-1 is considered to be an antifungal since it works by inhibiting the growth and development of fungus, which causes vaginal infection.

Before initiating a self-treatment, it is advisable to contact your doctor concerning the medication.

You should note that this medication works for vaginal fungal infection only. For other diseases such as bacterial vaginosis will require a different prescription to help with the treatment.

In this article, we shall go through how long does Monistat-1 stays in you and why.

How Long Does Monistat 1 Stay in You

How long does Monistat-1 stay in you?

Monistat-1 has been designed to remain within the vaginal are for seven days without having to reapply every single day. When using the drug, you might be having some medicine discharge or leakage, which is considered to be normal.

Monistat-1 is deemed to be perfect when applied during bedtime.


You should read the instructions available in the product to understand how you should apply the cream correctly. When applying the drug, you should not use douches, tampons, spermicides or any vaginal product.

During the menstrual cycle, you should consider using unscented sanitary towels to protect the medication from leaking. After three to seven days of using the drug with no improvement, it is advisable to contact your physician for further instruction.

Why does Monistat-1 stay in your system for long?

Monistat-1 is designed to remain in your system for long to inhibit the growth and development of fungus around the vaginal area. Furthermore, it helps prevent the reoccurrence of the condition over and over again.

These drugs are considered as the best for vaginal yeast infections and inhibiting the development of fungus. If you forget to apply the drug, it is advisable to apply it once you remember.

However, if you remember when it is near the next dose, you can decide to skip it. You should not use a double dose just because you forgot t apply the treatment.

Monistat Facts

Monistat-1 overdose

Monistat-1 overdose is a rare case. However, if you suspect that you have applied a large amount of Monistat-1 than usual or you happen to ingest the drug, you should contact the poison control center or an emergency room as soon as possible.

What to avoid when applying Monistat-1

When using Monistat-1 always avoid wearing tight synthetic clothes such as pantyhose which prevent air circulation. However, you should be wearing loose clothes that are made of natural fibers or cotton until you are healed from the infection.

You should note that Monistat-1 is capable of damaging diaphragm or condom. Therefore, using a different method of birth control is highly advisable when using Monistat-1.


Just like other medication, you should store Monistat-1 far from the reach of children. Furthermore, sharing the medicine with other individuals is highly prohibited. You should always contact your doctor on the effects of Monistat-1 before carrying out self-treatment.

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