How Long Do Horses Live (And Why)?

How Long Do Horses Live (And Why)?

Exact Answer: 25-30 Years

Earlier, when there were very few options for traveling, horses were among the other animals that were majorly used for traveling long distances. Given their strength and speed, they could cover distance very fast without worrying about the terrain.

Evolved from a multi-toed creature, the horses that we see today are single-toed. Horses can run at speed, ranging from 30 km/h to 85 km/h, which may change depending on whether the horse is running carrying a rider or by itself.

To maintain the fitness of a horse, it is important to exercise with your horse several times a week. Along with exercise, proper nutrition and adequate water must be given to the horse to keep it healthy. Apart from this, the stable must be kept as clean as possible by removing manure every day.

how long do horses live

How Long Do Horses Live?

Horses have a lifespan between 25-30 years. The lifespan of any living being depends on the nutrition and care provided to them. Horses are no different. If given proper nourishment and, care they can even go on to live above their average lifespan.

There are many examples in history that prove that horses can live even more than 35-40 years, provided that they are given appropriate attention and care. Apart from the nourishment and care, breed, gender, and genetics also play a vital role in determining the lifespan of a horse.

The stable of the horse should be cleaned every day, the manure should be taken out and in regions with cold weather, the blankets should be changed/washed regularly.

Apart from this, the stable should be free from insects and pests to not cause any pests-related diseases/infections to the horse. Also, exercise is very crucial for the good health of a horse as keeping it active will build its strength and endurance while also improving the functioning of various organs.

It is important to make sure that the horse is living in a pleasant environment that is natural and free from pollution. The horse should not be lonely as it will have effects on its health. It is good if the horse meets other horses occasionally.

The average life expectancy of each horse is completely determined by its breed moreover the environment, and the care they are provided. The lifespan can vary depending on the care and nourishment of the horse.

If the horse does not act normal or if it is sick, veterinary care should be provided as soon as possible.



Breed Of The HorseAverage Life Expectancy
Arabian Horse25-35 Years
Miniature Horse25-35 Years
Thoroughbred25-28 Years
Clydesdale25-30 Years
Appaloosa25-33 Years
Quarter Horse25-35 Years
Shire Horse25-30 Years

Why Do Horses Live So Long?

Horses are strong animals. Earlier, horses were used for traveling long distances, sometimes even cross-country, and that too with high speed. It was chosen for this purpose considering how robust it is and the extremely high level of endurance it has.

All these exceptional qualities also require a great amount of care and nutrition for the horse. It is very important to keep the horse hydrated at all times by providing it with water always. Any signs or symptoms of sickness should not be ignored and veterinary care should be provided immediately.


The horse should also have perfect body weight for being quick and healthy. If the weight is too low it will make the horse weak and if the weight is too much it will make the horse slow and may even cause health complications.

If the temperature is very high adequate water must be provided to avoid dehydration and if the temperature is low proper blanketing must be made sure.


The care, attention, and nourishment provided to the horse will directly reflect on its health and lifespan over time. If the horse is provided with the proper nutrition it will result in the horse living a healthy and long life.

More importantly, any signs of diseases should not be ignored, and medical attention should be sought immediately. If the horse leads a healthy life and is happy it will have a longer lifespan.


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