How Long Do Goldfish Live (And Why)?

How Long Do Goldfish Live (And Why)?

Exact Answer: 15 years

There are living organisms all over the world. Every being with a heartbeat has to feed, breathe, and chooses a habitat that suits its life the most. Organisms are living on land, living in water and some organisms can live on both. Among many other living organisms, fishes are some of the highest numbers of organisms living in the world.

There are fish and aqua organisms of all sizes. Some can be the size of a ship, while some can be the size of a little finger. Fishes have many uses and are used by humans for various purposes all around the world. Yet, some fishes are normally adopted as pets. Goldfishes are one of them. They are one of the commonly adopted fishes in the world.

How Long Do Goldfish Live

How Long Do Goldfish Live?

In pond10-15 years
In bowls2-3 years
In homes10-15 years

A very classic fish, goldfishes are bred for fishkeeping since the start of the 19th century. They are found in pet shops all around the world and many people opt for adopting them. The common goldfish belongs to the breed of Prussian crap, and they differ in their colors and shape from their ancestors. Goldfish is scientifically called Carassius auratus. They especially belong to the Carp family of Cyprinidae.

They are popularly known for their lifespan, which is long. They live long enough in both wild and in captivity. Their country of origin is China and they are single-tailed. They are a domesticated form of wild carp and are a relative to the koi breed.

They come in various colors, yet the most common color is orange and gold. Even the health of the goldfish can be easily noticed through its color, vividness, and brightness too. Goldfishes are animals who are very social, live and travel in large groups. They interact with other fishes of the same species and with the best attention and care, they can thrive.


Even children can take care of goldfishes and they live a shorter while than many other breeds of fish. They can live for long when given the right care and attention by the people who adopt them. When people adopt goldfishes, they at least need 50 gallons of water to keep the goldfish safe and healthy.

Why Do Goldfish Live That Long?

The average lifespan of a goldfish is about ten to fifteen years, with great care. Some species can live for even 30 years. Yet, some of the goldfishes do not reach their full life potency. The short life span can be due to various reasons. Though the average lifespan is 15 years, the goldfish that lives in the bowl can live up to a maximum of two to three years.

There are rare cases in which goldfishes can even live for another 30 years, apart from the average 15 years. The longest living goldfish is noted to have an age of 43. Goldfishes normally originate from temperate climates, and they also live in cool streams. They also live in lakes and ponds of Asia and Eastern Europe. When one adopts a goldfish, they need to know more about their habitat and diet.


Even if one purchases goldfish, they should make sure they have bought a healthy fish. Healthy goldfishes have clear and bright bodies with good coloration. They are very firm, alert, and can swim easily. The fishes with poor health sink, or bob to the surface. Fishes have bumps, wounds, and even lumps if they are unhealthy.


There are many things a person needs to keep an eye on if they want to maintain the health of their goldfish. When one adopts a goldfish, they should make sure the tanks and bowls in which they are kept, are clean. Goldfishes can sensitive in various ways. It is better to keep them healthy.

Goldfishes can even die if they are overfed. Accidents and injuries can also be a reason for the fish to die. When goldfishes are unhealthy and about to die, they gasp for air, do not breathe well, skim the surface of the tank and sometimes they stay at the bottom.


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