How Long Do Yorkies Live (And Why)?

Exact Answer: Up to 17 years

It’s not an impossible thing for Yorkies to live more than 14 years. There is no specific age for how long do Yorkies live. Sometimes, Yorkies may live more than 17 years. Yorkies are adorable dog breeds that are extremely attractive. The life expectancy for Yorkies is about 17 years, but they may live more than the expected age.

There are many influential factors that affect the life expectancy of Yorkies. It depends on their lifestyle, eating habits, and health. Just like humans, Yorkies will live more than expected if proper care is taken.


How Long Do Yorkies Live?

Types Of YorkiesLife Expectancy
Designer YorkiesUp to 16 years
Black YorkiesUp to 16 years
Mismarked YorkiesUp to 15 years
Biewer TerriersUp to 16 years
Teacup YorkiesUp to 15 years
Parti YorkiesUp to 14.5 years

Generally, the Yorkies live up to 16 or 17 years, but it’s surprising that Yorkies may survive more than 20 years. Yorkshire Terrier’s life expectancy will mainly depend on how they live their life. There are some Yorkies that are extremely fit due to their choice of food and lifestyle.

Some Yorkies lifestyle is disturbed, and they may not live long. Genetics is another huge influential factor that affects the life expectancy of Yorkies. The factors that affect how long Yorkies will live are mentioned below:

Food habits- Proper nutrition is the most vital component for any human and dog to live a longer life. The vet is the correct person to suggest the list of foods for your dog. Every breed of dog requires a different type of food according to the nutrient requirement.

Regular Medical check up- Yorkies need a regular medical checkup and you have to maintain a medical check-up routine for Yorkies. Some Yorkies come with health problems since their childhood. Healthy Yorkies may also have many health problems that may bring problems for them. Mainly the health problems found in Yorkies are gut problems and genetic anomalies

Fitness- It’s essential for the Yorkies to be fit and free from diseases. The Yorky’s health could be properly maintained if they keep their fitness. There are many dogs that are extremely lazy and inactive. These dogs do not even play for a longer time. Inactivity and laziness will host many health disorders in Yorkies that will bring down their life expectancy

How Do Yorkies Live This Long?

Yorkies’ life spans are not fixed and vary with different aspects of life. The life span of Yorkies is unpredictable for would not go beyond the expected maximum age. Some Yorkies may cross 25 years as well, due to extra care. Genetics plays a very important role in increasing and decreasing the life expectancy of this kind of breed.

Yorkies have many diseases that may imbalance their life span. Some of the diseases found in Yorkies are the following:

Chronic gut problems- The small furry breed of dogs can make their meals out of anything. Without proper training, the Yorkies may not control their food habits. This is the main problem that will bring gut problems in Yorkies. You can always keep your pet out of this gut problem trap by training them properly.
Genetic Anomalies- Genetic anomalies are another health problem seen in Yorkies. Genetic anomalies such as abnormal eyelash position, hormonal abnormalities, and skeletal malformation are seen in Yorkies. These genetic anomalies will be another factor to determine the life expectancy of Yorkies.

Hypoglycemia- A lower calorie intake that doesn’t match the lifestyle of the Yorkies would bring the problem of Hypoglycemia. In Hypoglycemia, the blood sugar level of Yorkies is lower. Low blood sugar would prevent the Yorkies from being healthy.


Yorkies may die due to trauma, cancer, respiratory deterioration, and many other causes. You will be able to mark the changes in your Yorkies when they are about to die. The changes in eating habits, appearance, bowel movements, and activity level would be changed when the Yorkies are about to die.

You can keep your Yorkies healthy with proper medical checkups, nutritious meals, and other supplements. Taking good care of Yorkies will make them enjoy the environment they live in. No doubt! The pet enjoying the environment and food would live longer than others.



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