How Long Do Jack Russells Live (And Why)?

How Long Do Jack Russells Live (And Why)?

Exact Answer: 14 – 16 Years

When contrasted to several other different breeds, Jack Russells have one of the higher average life expectancies, which might be one of the evident benefits if you plan to get one in the future. The average lifespan of a Jack Russell Terrier is 13-16 years.

Jack Russell Terriers are a breed that is energetic, demanding, and strong. Their lifespan is determined by the food they eat, the amount of activity they get, and the owner’s appropriate attention. As a result, how you tend for the dog has a serious influence on how long Jack Russell survives. Later down the line, Jack Russells are prone to common ailments such as hearing and certain eye diseases. Nonetheless, a Jack Russell is a strong, long-lived dog in general.

How Long Do Jack Russells Live

How Long Do Jack Russells Live?

Jack Russells have a comparably small-sized body, even when they grow up to be an adult. Their general nature is that to be feisty and active throughout their lives, except when they reach an old age, which is considered to be above 13.

Because Jack Russells are little dogs, you may need to make sure he gets enough activity throughout his daily routine. He’ll be more inclined to be a lethargic dog who doesn’t get sufficient workouts during the day if he doesn’t get enough movement.

It’s a known fact that Jack Russell mix breeds survive just as long. As a result, comparing different mix terrier breeds will help you obtain a better sense of your dog’s true mortality rate. The table compares the average lifespans of various terrier kinds.

BreedLife Expectancy
Cesky Terrier12 – 15 Years
Airedale Terrier10 – 12 Years
Australian Terrier11 – 13 Years
Irish Terrier11 – 15 Years
Jack Russell Terrier13 – 15 Years

At that phase, their irritability and aggressiveness decrease. They have a more mature and responsible demeanor. When Jack Russell reaches this age, he is called an elderly dog. They will live for about 12 years without experiencing any serious medical problems. They are a hardy terriers breed with a remarkable degree of tolerance. As a result, the average lifespan of a Jack Russell is more than 12 years. Jack Russell terriers may live up to 16 years old with adequate healthcare and nourishment.

Why Do Jack Russells Live This Long?

There are health issues that affect all dog breeds. As a Jack Russell caretaker, you’ll want to know what’s coming up next so you can plan ahead. Your foresight will ensure that your dog remains healthy and happy.

  1. Dislocated lenses / Partially blindness
    Jack Russells are predisposed to eyesight problems and spraining lenses, among several other eye disorders that can affect dogs. It’s known as ‘Lens Luxation.’ Operation is the only way to totally solve this condition. You can also utilize eye drops with a medical prescription to manage the issue.
  2. Periodontal disease
    Periodontitis develops when the deep supporting structures of a tooth become edematous. The germs discharged by diseased gums can travel throughout the body, causing harm to the kidneys and liver. This problem may be avoided by keeping your Jack Russell Terrier’s teeth in good shape.
  3. Breathing difficulties
    Small dog breeds, such as Jack Russell Terriers, are more prone to breathing difficulties. It would be ideal if you kept them active all of the time with appropriate workouts. It is recommended that you have surgery if your breathing problems worsen.
  4. Cardiac Problems
    Jack Russell has a robust heart that can endure most diseases, but minor disorders like a heart murmur can develop into catastrophic ailments if not treated properly. To avoid any issues, bring your dog to the veterinary if there are symptoms of cardiac problems.

Jack Russells live for up to 12 years, happy and energetic. As a result, how long a Jack Russell may live relies entirely on the owner’s care and attention. Notably, a healthy animal requires just a few basic requirements, including nourishment, sport, learning, and cleanliness.


There is one factor you must keep in mind if you want your Jack Russell to be strong and live a healthy life: Nutrition. Help ensure your dog’s food is strong in proteins and low in carbohydrates. With a proper diet, nutrition, workout, and attention, the dog can live a fulfilled life with a long life expectancy.


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