How Long do Mushrooms Stay in Your System – (And Why)?

How Long do Mushrooms Stay in Your System – (And Why)?

Exact Answer: 5 days

For some people, taking certain drugs has become a normal aspect of their life. For some of those people, this is fine and even normal. There have been many benefits shown related to the consumption of mushrooms, including stress relief, help with insomnia, depression and more.

Many people are finding that “magic mushrooms are a helpful tool, especially if they struggle from some sort of ailment. However, because these drugs are still technically illegal, one may worry about how long they’ll stay in your system, especially when trying to pass a drug test.

How Long do Mushrooms Stay in Your System

How Long Will Mushrooms Stay in Your System?

WeightTime in System
Over 200 lbs3 to 5 days
Under 200 lbs5 to 8 days

Each substance that you put in your body will linger for a certain amount of time. This goes for everything from a cigarette to a drug to caffeine. Because of this, tests have been created that will pick up traces of a substance in your system, which may be an issue when you need to pass such a test.

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However, how long mushrooms stay in your system depends on at least one factor, and that factor is body fat. For example, depending on weight, one may expect:

  • People who weigh under 200 pounds: For those who don’t have a lot of body fat, one should expect mushrooms to stay in their system for about 3-5 days.
  • People who weight over 200 pounds: For those who weigh a bit more, mushrooms may stay in your system for a bit longer. Those who have extra body fat may store mushrooms in their system for 5 to 8 days.

These figures are for urine analysis, and will not be the same for hair or blood, which may detect substances after a longer amount of time has passed. To be sure that the mushrooms are no longer in your system before your test, try to get plenty of exercises and drink plenty of water.

One may also want to do a home drug test after a few days have passed to ensure the highest likelihood of passing an official drug test. This will also give you a better idea of how long your individual body holds on to the substance.

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Why Does It Take That Long?

All substances take time to work their way through your body. How long an individual retains traces of a substance depends primarily on how much body fat they have. This is because many substances will store traces in body fat, which are then released daily as one drinks water and goes on with daily life.

However, some people may metabolize substances faster or slower than others, because of this, it’s wise to perform your own drug test, giving you a general idea of how your own body works. Some find that they release substances quicker than others, affecting the time frame significantly.

To speed up the amount of time one has a substance lingers in their system, they may want to drink plenty of water and get plenty of exercise, which will help the substance move through your system faster. You may also want to look into detox drinks or tablets to help aid your body in removing the substance.

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