How Long Do Narcissistic Relationships Last (And Why)?

How Long Do Narcissistic Relationships Last (And Why)?

Exact Answer: 6 months

The narcissists portray themselves as the greatest and brightest, while their partner is cast as their shining star. But it’s a fabrication. The narcissist must suffocate their partner. To reprogram themselves, they must influence their emotions, psyches, and beliefs.

With their low self-esteem, the narcissist has a need. A desire to be praised and idolized. And what better way to get worship than to dupe an unsuspecting victim into believing their manipulative mate is flawless. To have their ego massaged, the narcissist will go to any length. They have no qualms about abusing others physically, psychologically, or emotionally to meet their wants.


How Long Do Narcissistic Relationships Last?

ConditionsLasts for
Average narcissistic relationships6 months to a few years

Narcissistic relationships are short-lived because the narcissist becomes bored after believing they have “won.” Six months in a relationship is sometimes all a narcissist can take, as they begin to crave more intense admiration, the kind they get at the start of a relationship. If they aren’t receiving the adoration they believe they deserve, the narcissist has no qualms about abandoning their partner.

However, the narcissist can maintain a long-term relationship with one partner as long as they achieve a high degree of ego-stroking, enough to keep their self-esteem fed.

The narcissist will lie frequently and without remorse to make the victim believe they are the bad guy in the relationship. The narcissist will cause the victim to doubt their self-worth and reality. It’s a narcissist’s strategy of seizing and maintaining control over the relationship. In the end, they must make their spouse feel small, weak, and helpless to feel good about themselves.

The victim will believe that they are losing their minds and that they are the source of the relationship’s problems. They will be unable to resist or flee because they will feel powerless. The narcissist operates in this manner. They break a person down, cut them off from their support system, and cause them to question their reasoning.

A narcissist can make their partner miserable and worried, even to the point of suicidal ideation. These habits frequently result in fights. It’s critical to learn how to deal with disagreements in a relationship.

Why Do Narcissistic Relationships Lasts For So Long?

So because narcissist frequently makes a good turn and begins treating their partner properly again, the narcissistic relationship can stay for a long time. Narcissists do this to boost their personality, which they require from time to time. As a result, the narcissist manipulates the emotions of those closest to them to regain their trust and possibly love.

When a relationship comes to an end, the narcissist will try to cause as much pain as possible to their partner. They’ll try to take as much as they can from the partner, whether it’s children, money, or pets.

The narcissist may already be in another relationship when a narcissistic abusive relationship ends. They have a constant need to feed their egos. While the abuser may be displaying the worst features of their personality with their present relationship, they may already be imitating the qualities of an ideal partner with their new potential love connection.

So because abuse victims may withdraw from their support system and isolate themselves, it’s difficult to detect narcissistic abuse in a friend or loved one. However, there are a few important indicators that your friend or loved one is involved in a narcissistic abusive relationship:

  • The connection appears to be toxic, and the suspected narcissist appears to be cruel.
  • You’ll see that the suspected narcissist is immature, and your loved one is constantly bending, making excuses, or giving in.
  • Even though they’ve always been calm and clear-headed, the suspected abuse victim acts out of character, is extremely furious, and has difficulty functioning in their relationship.

If you suspect someone is being abused by a narcissist, keep in mind that they may be too embarrassed to confess it. As a member of their support system, you must go above and beyond to assist them. You could also recommend that they get support from a mental health professional or an online community.


Since a narcissist solely cares about themselves, they display their true colors by the end of a relationship. They don’t require phony feelings, sympathy, or love. They only care about themselves and don’t give a damn who they hurt.

Healing from a narcissistic relationship that is harmful is similar to healing from trauma. It’ll take some time. It will take a strong support system and, above all, it will take courage.

The victim of a narcissist can reclaim their power and self-worth by seeking help from a mental health professional or a network of survivors. Finding yourself again after a narcissist’s trauma and abuse takes time, but it is doable and can lead to a fuller and more purpose-driven existence.


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