How Long Do Budgies Live (And Why)?

How Long Do Budgies Live (And Why)?

Exact Answer: Up to 15 years

The lifespan of budgies can be between 9 to 15 years. Budgies can have really long life just like dogs. It’s difficult to predict the lifespan of budgies, as there are many factors that may affect how long do budgies live. People think budgies live a very short life, but it’s not true. Budgies can survive for around 15 years or more in very exceptional cases.

Normally, all the budgies are very energetic and active. You won’t see budgies taking rest for a long time. The lifespan of the budgies depends on the way they are treated. It’s vital to give them proper care in order to increase their lifespan. For birds, it’s vital to have a happy and comfortable life.

The happy budgies would survive longer as compared to the budgies having uncomfortable life.

How Long Do Budgies Live

How Long Do Budgies Live?

Budgies LifespanHow Long Do Budgies Live (Average Lifespan)
Minimum lifespan9 years
Maximum lifespan15 years

The life of budgies depends on many factors such as their lifestyle, nutrition, and activity. The budgies need to have good lifestyles survive longer as compared to others. There are some budgies that went through stressful life, and this can decrease their lifespan. Depressed budgies would start behaving like a stressful bird.

Everyone catch knows from the behavior of the budgies if they are happy or not. A budgie with an uncomfortable environment would not be able to stay healthy. Stress is a very serious issue that will affect the lifespan of birds. The birds will get disturbed totally if they are leading a stressed life.

The budgies will not be able to stay happy, energetic, and active in every situation if they are extremely stressed. The budgies need to have something good in their head to survive long. Birds are the sign of happiness, as they are supposed to carry happiness in their mind. If not in a happy mood, then the health of the budgies would start getting bad.

The buggies would love to stay in a place where they can feel comfortable at the night. They like to maintain their routines with proper habits. They want a safe place with safety. Budgies crave safety, and they won’t survive in an insecure place. For budgies, security is extremely vital for survival. If they start feeling safe in the place, then they would love to be there.

Why Do Budgies Live This Long?

Budgies may live longer if they get what they want. Budgies love to live in a calm and silent environment. Any loud noise can disturb their mood and cause stress. To survive longer the budgies need peace and happiness. They need a large cage to live in and small cages may irritate the budgies. The budgies hate the bad smell around them.

Bad-smelling objects or places can disturb their mood. The main reason behind the lifespan of budgies is the way they live their life. The more they will be comfortable in their life, the chance of living would increase. The survival place of budgies should be clean and not dirty. The owner should ensure the place of living (for buddies) are well hygiene maintained.

The budgies are very particular about the place where they stay. The wonder has to make sure that the budgies are getting proper nutrition. The budgie may die at an early age if they don’t get to eat the food that they need. The nutritional requirement of budgies should be fulfilled. Sometimes, the budgies may die because of diseases, as it would affect their health.


The lives of budgies could depend on their health and lifestyle. The lifestyle of the budgies plays a vital role in determining how long budgies can survive. The budgies need care and affection. The owner can give the budgies a good life to help them survive longer. The lives of budgies would depend on the way humans keep them and how they survive them.


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