How Long To Cook Chuck Roast In Oven At 350 (And Why)?

How Long To Cook Chuck Roast In Oven At 350 (And Why)?

Exact Answer: 20-25 Minutes

The chuck is the cut of beef, and it is a sub-prime cut. It is a rectangular cut of about 2.5cm (1 inch). It contains the parts of the shoulder bone which are known as a “7-bone steak”. It is named “7-bone steak” because the shape of the shoulder bone in cross-section resembles the number 7. This beef cut is grilled or broiled, and with the thick chuck, it is called “7-roast steak” or chuck roast. The chuck roast is a roast pot with liquid in it. The most economical cut of the beef is bone-in chuck steak or roast.

How Long To Cook Chuck Roast In Oven At 350

How Long To Cook Chuck Roast In Oven At 350?

The chuck roast cut of the beef is also called braising steak of the beef. It is most commonly used as ground beef for consumption. It is very rich in flavor and has a proper balance of meat and fat which is important. There are many boneless chuck cuts used for consumption popularly like chuck eye, chuck fillet, cross-rib roast, top blade steak, Denver cuts, shoulder steak, shoulder roast, arm steak, and arm roast. These cuts are very popular work side and cooked with different methods.

The chuck eye is the boneless cut from the center of the roll, it is sold as chuck tender steak or mock tender steak. The chuck fillet is sold like chuck tender steak and chuck eye steak. The cross-rib roast is sold as cross-rib pot roast, English roast, or the bread and the butter cut which is very popular. These all the beef cuts are very popular in almost every part of the world. The most popular type of thick and thin chuck in the market is sold as chuck steak or chuck family pack.

There are some markets where cross-rib roasts are sold with the generic name “pot roast”. There are two types of roasts like a cross-rib roast and a pot roast. The difference in them is the vertical line of fat separating the two types of chuck meat. The cross-rib pot chuck has a line of fat. The presence of fat creates the richness of flavor in the chuck. The chuck roast needs to be cooked for at least 20 to 25 minutes at a temperature of 350 degrees.

Temperature Duration
350 Degree20-25 Minutes
375 Degree15 Minutes

Why Does It Takes That Long To Cook Chuck Roast At 350?

The cut which is known as chuck contains a large amount of connective tissue with collagen, which melts during cooking it. When the meat of the chuck is divided then it can be prepared with slow cooking, raising, and pot roasting. The most popular and most ideal method is pot roasting which is very flavourful in a one-pot cooker. The chuck’s blade part is preferred for grilling because it is the second most tender steak once the gristle is removed.

The prime rib roast, which is from bone 6-12 which is used as an alternative to the fifth rib of the chuck. They are almost the same in terms of the proportion of meat and bone, though the fifth rib exceeds the prime rib in the amount of lean meat. The last part of the chuck located between the brisket point and the short-rib can also be used as an alternative to the blade cooking steak is called cross rib and cross-cut. The chuck part cut from the shoulder is used in place of sirloin which is very tasty.

The duration of cooking chuck roast is dependent upon factors like thickness of the cut, method of cooking the chuck, the temperature on which it is been cooked. The meat needs to be cooked properly to avoid any type of diseases caused due to consuming raw meat or uncooked meat.


The chuck roast is a cut of beef which is very tasty. Beef is the most popular consumed meat worldwide due to its nutritional value and its juicy taste. Consuming beef is good sometimes but regular consumption of red meat is bad for the health.



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