How Long Does a Car Wrap Last – (And Why)?

Exact Answer: 2 years

Ideally, to give a car or a vehicle a new look, one can opt for a repaint or car wrap. A couple of years ago, car wraps were majorly put on vehicles for advertisement purposes, but recently, that is not the case anymore.

Car wraps are easy to apply to vehicles. The process takes at most three days to get it done.

The exterior of the vehicle must be thoroughly washed and dried for the car wrap to be put in place.

The whole process is done by certain companies dealing with cars and has professional technicians who do this type of job.

How Long Do Car Wraps Last?

Car WrapsLifespan
Exposed to factors such as sunlight, climate, and frequent washing2 years
Not exposed to factors such as sunlight, climate, and frequent washing5 years
Vehicles that rarely in use7 years
A well-installed car wrap5-7 years

Below is an illustration that shows the conditions or rather, factors affecting the duration car wraps can stay before they wear and tear:

To begin with, car wraps can stay up to 5 years on a vehicle. This longevity can be made possible if only factors such as harsh climate conditions, frequent washing of the vehicle, and exposure to sunlight are highly avoided.

This will make the car wrap to last longer. Hence, when all these factors are avoided, then the car will last longer if they’re only exposed to normal conditions.

For instance, washing a vehicle that has a car wrap should be done through the use of nonabrasive cleaner and a soft rag to decrease the chances of destroying the car wrap.

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Also, professionals who deal majorly with cars should be the ones to install the car wraps on vehicles. This will ensure the car wraps stay longer without wearing and tearing.

Why Do Car Wraps Last That Long?

For starters, well-cared and maintained car wraps will last long. This can be done through ensuring the car wraps are not exposed to harsh temperatures or harsh conditions that will make the wraps to start having small bubbles after weeks of installation.

Hence, vehicles covered in car wraps should be kept away from such conditions by parking the vehicle in a shaded area or garage. Thus, this will make the car wraps to stay for a long period of time without being damaged.

In addition, frequent washing of such vehicles should be highly avoided, especially with the use of pressured water, automated brushes, hard scrubbing, and harsh washing detergents.

Such conditions will affect the car wraps making them get damaged easily. Washing of the car wraps should be done by the use of hands.

This can be done by wiping and making sure the car wraps are completely dry after washing the vehicle.

Lastly, the installation of the car wraps should be professionally done. Technicians who have studied and practice the installation car wraps should be the right individuals to do it. If not professionally installed, the car wrap will start peeling off, after a couple of weeks, and thus, it will not last for long.

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