How Long Does A Permit Last (And Why)?

How Long Does A Permit Last (And Why)?

Exact Answer: 5 years

A learner’s permit is vital for all the drivers who are willing to drive vehicles. Permit in simple terms means the person is officially allowed to do or use something. The people who are not qualified to drive can put a Learning sign in the back of the vehicle if they want to drive with the permit license.

The permit license may last for around 5 years. In some states or countries, the permit can last for around 2 years. There are many steps and procedures to get a permit. Everyone needs to provide a few documents, such as a passport to get a permit.


How Long Does A Permit Last?

In years5 years
In months60 months

In India, people can go for a National or All India Permit. National Permit is another category that comes under the All India Permit. The lasting time of the National Permit is around 5 years, and people can renew it after the validity is over. The All India Permit is also valid for around 5 years which can be renewed after 5 years.

The permit holders should not drive their vehicles without a person who holds a driving license. The person who should accompany the permit holder must have a driving license for more than 2 years. In a two-wheeler vehicle permit, the holder should not carry more than one person who has a driving license.

The learner’s permit would not be valid for more than 6 months. The age of the person is a big condition that needs to be satisfied for getting a learner’s permit. Anybody under the age of 17 would not get the learner’s permit. Everyone is supposed to pay some fees to get the learner’s permit.

Every applicant is supposed to apply for the application individually. The applicant should fill out the motor vehicle form or any other form required for the permit license. The applicant is supposed to submit all the documents to the Road Traffic Department.

If the person’s application and documents are granted by the Road Traffic Department, then the person can qualify for the permit license.

Why Does A Permit Last This Long?

The provisional license or learner’s permit would be given to the person or children under 18 years old after qualifying for it. The signatures of both parents are vital for the permit license. Some people may get to fill out the learner’s permit application online if their states allow it.

Before getting the learner’s permit license the person may have to quality in a vision test. The validity time period of a permit would depend on the rules and regulations of states which would vary. Documents such as proof of residency and social security number are quite vital for permit eligibility.

To get the learner’s permit everyone needs to complete the driver’s education class. The revocation of a permit can happen if the permit holder fails to follow the rules and guidelines. Everyone may have to give fines if they break the learner’s permit rules and regulations.

The learner’s permit rules would not be the same for all the states, as some states may not allow the person to drive between 11 pm to 5 am. The permit holder may be provided with some exceptions during their work time for the curfews.

If somebody breaks the rules and guidelines of a permit in a huge manner, then the person may be prohibited from getting a license. After someone receives the permit, the person should not drive the vehicle alone for around 1 year.

Some states may have restrictions for the permit holder to always drive with another person above 20 years and with a driving license.


The permit can last for 6 to 24 months depending on the rules of the states. The person needs to satisfy all the eligibility criteria for getting a permit. The permit is not a permanent license, and everyone should use it for temporary or learning purposes. The permit fees would not be the same for all the states.

The learner’s permit comes with many special conditions that the person should strictly consider. Everyone who wants to learn to drive in a better manner can first apply for the permit.


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