How Long To Get Work Permit After LMIA (And Why)?

How Long To Get Work Permit After LMIA (And Why)?

Exact Answer: Within A Month

LMIA stands for Labor Market Impact Assessment. It is a type of document required in Canada that an employer must have to hire a worker from another country in its organization. It is required to make sure the worker is an authorized person. Before getting eligible for the permit, one needs to undergo the training procedure specially developed for persons wishing to work in a Canadian organization.

It is crucial to get this document; otherwise, the employee won’t be allowed to work. The permit allows the person to work as an authorized member of the organization, and the organization is responsible for the complete security of the person.

How Long To Get Work Permit After LMIA

How Long To Get Work Permit After LMIA?

Most people do not get the opportunity to get their names after applying for an organization without a valid LMIA. Well, most of the time, you may even have to go back to the basic training process. It would be best to keep in mind certain things before applying for an LMIA to get the document approved. Sometimes employers also conduct a personal interview to check the knowledge of the applicant. Once you have given your interview successfully, then there is nothing that you should worry about because you cannot change the outcome.

During the application submission, you have to submit relative documents too. On the scheduled date, your biometric test will be conducted at the allotted center, where your photo, signature, and fingerprints will be taken for the verification process. You are free and granted full rights to stay, travel, and work in Canada once you get the LMIA document. The application process has been changed a lot compared with past years, and the employer plays a crucial role in the LMIA application. It has done mandatory for every people to proceed with a biometric test if they have applied for LMIA.

Work Permit
Type of ApplicationTime Taken To Get Permit
Standard serviceFour weeks
Premium ServiceOne week

During the payment part of the application, you will have to prefer anyone among the two choices. You will be provided with two options, known as Standard service, in which the time is taken to get the LMIA document is around a month, and Premium Service, where you will get a decision within one week.

Why Does It Take That Long To Get Work Permit After LMIA?

You should also know that getting hired after providing a legal LMIA is easy because typically, between ninety percent of the candidates offer an offer letter. The selected candidates are offered a full-time job. The same offer is also available for students who have graduated recently. You should also know that the acceptance rate is more than ninety-five percent. There is also a chance for learning for fresher candidates, and there are several types of training provided so that they can enhance their skills.

It takes that long after LMIA to get a work permit because it is a very long procedure and requires time for verification. An individual applying for an LMIA first needs to register on the official website of the organization. After that, the person needs to fill the application form required to get the document issued. The application form requires various pieces of information about the applicant. It must be ensured that all the details provided in the document are authentic and genuine.

Work Permit

Canada has vacancies in multiple sectors, but a candidate can only be appointed after providing the correct details. It is unethical to work without authorization, and legal actions can also be taken against an organization if they hire a person without an LMIA. It also takes that long because the organization wants to confirm that all the details provided by the applicant are legal and there are no criminal charges on the person.


Finally, it can be concluded that working with an organization will provide you with excellent working conditions and therefore you can gain a lot of experience working for them. Several people who have worked with organizations in Canada have recommended youngsters to work with them because they could learn so many skills while working for them.

But for working in a Canadian organization from another country, the employee must have an LMIA for which application can be sent to the employer. After the LMIA is approved, the employee gets a work permit in one month and can start working for the organization.


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