How Long Does An Abortion Take (And Why)?

How Long Does An Abortion Take (And Why)?

Exact Answer: Up to 24 hours

The abortion time would depend on the type of abortion. If the abortion is done with the help of medication, then it may take one complete day. If someone wants to go for clinical abortion, then it would take around 15 to 20 minutes. The medication abortion can be done with the help of pills or medication by staying at home.

Clinical abortion could be done at health centers with the help of doctors and nurses. Abortion is the only way to end the pregnancy. Clinical abortion is done under expert supervision that is not possible for medication abortion.


How Long Does An Abortion Take?

In hours24 hours
In days1 day

Abortion is a complicated process that should be under expert supervision. Clinical abortion procedures can be done in different ways. The pregnancy week of the woman and the type of pregnancy would predict the abortion length. The doctor after a complete check-up would suggest the type of pregnancy that would be safe for the person.

Suction abortion would not take more than 15 to 20 minutes. The suction abortion or vacuum aspiration is done with the help of suction to end the pregnancy. Dilation and Evacuation is also a type of clinical abortion that doctors may do with the help of medical tools along with suction.

Women would see mild symptoms such as pain after the abortion is done. If someone is not willing to keep the baby, then it’s good to do the abortion at the earliest. If someone tries to abort after 16 weeks of their last period date, then it may take more time and can cause huge side effects.

If the doctor suggests taking the medication for abortion, then the abortion time would be lengthier. The abortion kit would come with 2 to 3 pills. The person has to take the pills as suggested by the doctor at different times or days.

Why Does An Abortion Take This Long?

The abortion process can bring many side effects that would stay for a few weeks. The doctor would give some medication to the women for reducing the side effects. Surgical abortion can bring many risks and complications. The medication abortion would take some hours to throw out the pregnancy tissues from the uterus.

The health condition of the person affects the working time of the medication pregnancy. If someone has many hidden diseases, then medication abortion may cause life-threatening side effects. The time taken by the medications or pills to throw out the pregnancy tissues would get affected by the eating habits and lifestyle of the women.

Women with bad habits such as smoking and alcohol intake may see complications such as infection and remaining pregnancy tissues. During the surgical abortion, some women may see some amount of remaining tissues that may ask for a few more procedures.

The doctors with good knowledge and experience would suggest the best procedure according to the woman’s condition. Doctors with good experience would not take more time to complete the surgical abortion. The doctors with very less years of experience may take more time to complete the surgical procedure.

The tools used in the procedure should be cleaned properly before being used in the abortion process. Using dirty tools would cause an infection that would not go easily.

Choosing medication abortion without the doctor’s recommendation is not a wise idea. Many medication abortions can go wrong due to incorrect usage. The brand of pills used for the medication abortion may also affect the abortion time.


Surgical and medication abortions come with very less side effects if done in an appropriate manner. In the medication abortion, the contraction of the uterus happens, and this may cause mild side effects. The side effects after the surgical and medication abortions can be reduced with medications, good eating habits, and lifestyle.

Someone with severe side effects may have to get hospitalized for treatment to help the symptoms. If the person keeps on ignoring the symptoms of surgical or medication abortions, then it may start hosting many other health problems.


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