How Long Does it Take to Backup iPhone – (And Why)?

Exact Answer: 2 hours

iPhone is a smartphone which is marketed and designed by Apple Inc. This phone is a popular brand across the world. Have you wondered how long does your iPhone take to backup everything to iCloud? We shall be answering that question in this article.



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Some aspects affect the rate in which an iPhone backup information to iCloud. How long does it take to backup iPhone and why will it be the main topic of discussion in this guide.

How Long Does it Take to Backup iPhone

How long does it take to backup iPhone?

iPhone Backup TypeAverage Time
iCloud 2 hours
iTunes20 minutes
Google Drive/One Drive (USA)24 hours

You can back up your files locally since iTunes permits iPhone to keep data on a PC. However, iCloud backup your iPhone’s data on the cloud. This allows you to store more information on your iPhone.

For newbies, backing up data from your iPhone via iCloud can be hectic. Furthermore, some users fail to complete backing up for some reason. Backing up information from your iPhone to iCloud will depend on the amount of data you have.

Apart from that, your phone’s condition, along with the strength of your Wi-Fi, will significantly affect the time taken to backup your iPhone. Having a large amount of data approximately 3000 photos along with hundreds of videos and recordings, it will take you between one to two hours to backup.

However, the speed and time will be profoundly affected by your Wi-Fi’s strength. Having a small amount of data with a great Wi-Fi speed, backing up your iPhone will take roughly seven to 10 minutes.

Why does it take long to backup iPhone?

As previously stated, backing up iPhones is mainly affected by the amount of data you have, your phone’s status and your Wi-Fi strength. When the above aspects are in good condition, backing up your iPhone will take relatively few minutes.

Usually, it takes plenty of time to backup data from your phone to iCloud when you have plenty of data. The same goes to having a slow internet connection which interferes with the time taken to backup.

Items that are automatically backed up on your iPhone

There is some information that is automatically backed up on iCloud from your iPhone. These items include;

  1. Application data
  2. Ringtones
  3. Device settings
  4. iMessage, MMs messages and SMS or text messages
  5. Visual voicemail
  6. App organization and home screen

Items that are not backed up on your iPhone

There are a few items that are not backed up by iPhone to iCloud. These items consist of;

  1. PDFs in Apple books
  2. Touch identification or Face identification setting.
  3. Activities such as your health and keychain data. However you can make the keychain data encrypted backup,


Backing up your iPhone to iCloud is essential. This process helps in saving your data online making it hard to lose even when you change your phone. Furthermore, you will be able to free up unnecessary dates hence creating more space on your phone.

You should note that iOS backup is user-friendly and will save you more space. Furthermore, this iCloud is reliable; you will be able to access your stored data anytime you want.


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