How Long Does iCloud Backup Take – (And Why)?

Exact Answer: 2 hours

iDevice users have commonly asked the question of how long does iCloud backup take, therefore, in this article we shall answer that question. There are various things that affect the speed and time taken to backup files from your iDevice to iCloud.

Usually, iCloud backup does not take time when ideal criteria are met. iCloud is essential when it comes to backing up your information and freeing up some spaces on your iPhone.

This application helps get rid of unwanted data and junk files. Without much further due, let us discuss some of the aspects that affect speed and time taken to backup data on iCloud.

How Long Does iCloud Backup Take


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How long does it take to backup files on iCloud?

iCloud Backup SpeedAverage Time
1MBps2 hours
10MBps16 minutes
100MBps5 minutes
icloud logo

Often, iCloud backup might be slow because there might be many files needed to be sync such as call logs, app data, ringtones, videos, photos, music and voicemail, among other information. Some of the aspects that affect time and speed taken to backup data on iCloud include;

File size

The size of your file needed to be backed up on iCloud affects the speed and time taken significantly. Backing up files might take hours or days depending on the size of your data. Backing up a 2GB amount of data might take approximately two hours; however, this will be mainly affected by your internet speed.

Wi-Fi connection

The second aspect that affects the speed and time taken to backup on iCloud is your internet speed. It will take you days to backup large files on iCloud using slow internet speed router. When backing up a 2GB file at a rate of 3mbps, it will take you approximately two hours to complete.

The status of your phone

Often, you might want to backup your iPhone when you receive a message that you cannot take any pictures due to insufficient storage. You should note that, when your phone’s storage is full or nearly full, it will take plenty of time to backup all the data on iCloud.

Why it takes that long to backup on iCloud?

As previously stated, backing up data on iCloud will rely on various things. The speed of your internet is one of the aspects that majorly influence backup on iCloud. If the internet speed is 1mbps, this means that it will take 2 hours to backup 1GB of data.

How to increase iCloud backup speed

There are a few aspects you might consider to improve the speed of backing up data on iCloud. Here are some tips to consider;

  1. Freeing up spaces on your iDevice from iPod to iPhone and iPad. This will help to increase the speed and performance of the devices.
  2. Avoid large files. When backing up data on iCloud, you should consider backing up small files to improve the backup speed.
  3. Unnecessary backup. You should always disable redundant backup for better performance.


When backing up information on iCloud the speed and strength of your internet is an essential aspect that needs to be considered. When having a high speed, the time taken to back up all the data on iCloud will be short and vice versa when you have a slow internet speed.



Last Updated : 23 February, 2024

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  1. This article makes a case for why unnecessary backup should always be disabled. The significance of this point cannot be understated for optimal performance.

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    I still feel that the time taken to backup data on iCloud is too long even with a high-speed connection. There’s room for improvement in cloud backup technology.

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