How Long Does An MOT Last (And Why)?

Exact Answer: 12 months

The MOT test is done to know if the vehicle is capable of meeting the legal road safety standard or not. There are some environmental standards fixed by the laws of the state that the vehicle is supposed to meet. The MOT would scrutinize the performance of vehicles for satisfying both road safety and environmental standards.

The MOT would not expire before 12 months. The tax class of the vehicles could not be changed if the MOT certificate is not provided. If the car passes the MOT, then a certificate would be provided to the vehicle onwer that would last for around 12 months.

People can renew their MOT certificates one month before the expiry of the certificate of MOT.

How Long Does An MOT Last

How Long Does An MOT Last?

In months12 months
In years1 year

During the MOT test, many parts of the cars would be properly checked. The car’s parts such as tow bars, seatbelts, doors, seats, fuel system, exhaust system, load security, lights, and bonnets are properly checked. There are many other parts that are checked during the MOT.

The cars would pass the test if there is no defect found in any part of the car. The car should satisfy the DVSA’s legal road safety and environmental standards to pass MOT. In the MOT, the examination of the engine, and gearbox would not happen.

The car owner should check all the parts of the car before taking it for an MOT test. The car would fail the MOT test if the car has huge defects. Some MOT test centers may allow cars with minor defects. The Ministry of Transport is a mandatory test that should be done on all cars as a legal requirement.

A vehicle technician with the required qualification can do the MOT test with the help of testing equipment. People can check the pass certificate to know the date of the next MOT. The DVSA would not send reminders to the car owner about the MOT test. Therefore, the car owner should keep a track of the MOT validity.

For a new vehicle, the first MOT should be done on the third anniversary of the vehicle’s registration. Everyone should try to not miss the MOT as it may impose fines on the person for driving with an expired MOT certificate.

Why Does An MOT Last This Long?

People should prepare their vehicles for the next MOT before the certificates expire. For example, if the MOT certificate is going to expire on 1 January 2022, then the person can take the vehicle for the MOT on 1 December 2021.

There would be some official websites where everyone can check their MOT status for keeping a track of the validity and expiry periods. If someone fails in the MOT test, then the person should take the vehicle for a re-test after repairing any defects found in the car.

The MOT centers may offer free re-test in a specific time period that everyone should check. The signaling and lighting problems are very common that would make the car fail the MOT test. The person can drive the car after the car fails in MOT, only if the validity of the certificate is not over.

The MOT test would get completed in just 45 to 60 minutes depending on the condition of the car. People should maintain the condition of the car to make it pass the MOT test in one go. Everyone should remove any sticker put on the mirrors or windscreen of the car, or else the car may fail the MOT test.

The guidelines of the MOT test center would affect the results of the MOT test. There would be some MOT centers with very strict rules and guidelines. In such an MOT center, it would not be easier for the car to pass the MOT test with minor or major defective parts.


The MOT test certificates would last for one complete year or 12 months. People should keep their vehicles ready for the next MOT to make them pass the test without any issues. Everyone should book an appointment for their MOT test before a few days.

The MOT test would not take more than 45 to 60 minutes if the car has no defects. The driver should check the performance and functioning of the car before taking it for an MOT test. Everyone should keep the certificate of the MOT test in a safe place as you may need it in the next MOT test.


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