How Long Does Bad Omen Last (And Why)?

Exact Answer: 1 Hour And 40 Minutes

A bad omen, also known as the bad omen effect is a state or a situation in Minecraft game that challenges the users to fight, survive and win. Bad omen was added in Minecraft in an update which made it more challenging for players to survive during the day and do their tasks while fighting bad omen. Bad omen can be fought and won, however, most of the players choose to avoid the bad omen.



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How Long Does Bad Omen Last?

The bad omen reaches the player when the player slays a raiding captain illager. An illager is basically a group of pillagers that players may find across the map in groups. It is quite easy to identify which illager among all the pillagers in the raid captain. A raid captain illager has an ominous banner on its back.

A bad omen specifically lasts for an exact 1 hour and 40 minutes. In other words, it can be said that a bad omen lasts for exact 100 minutes. While the bad omen is activated, the players get raided continuously for 1 hour and 40 minutes. However, the effect of bad omen depends on the count of how many raid captains the player has slain. If the player slays only a single raid captain, then the patency, or in other words, the effectiveness of the bad omen is less as compared to when the player slays two or more raid captains.

Whereas, if the player slays multiple raid captains, then the time for bad omen might not be increased, but stay only for 1 hour and 40 minutes, however, the potency or the effectiveness of the bad omen increases, and it becomes more difficult for the player to survive during the day. The effect of bad omen gets activated only when the player enters that village and the raid is spawned in that village.

Different Measuring Units Of TimeTime
Hours1.67 hours
Minutes100 minutes

Why Does Bad Omen Last For That Long?

No matter how many raid captains of the villages the players have slain, or any other factors do not determine the time for how long the bad woman stays in the village and spawns raids. The time for a bad omen to last is fixed, that is, 1 hour and 40 minutes or 100 minutes. However, the effectiveness or the potency of the bad omen can be increased or decreased depending upon the count of how many raid captains were slain.

The raid captains are easy to be identified as they carry red flags with the face of illagers on them. This makes it easy for players to protect themselves or not slay the raid captains.

As the potency of the bad omen increases, its level increases as well. Level 1 is the lowest level which signifies the least effectiveness and the potency of the bad omen. Generally, it is quite easy for players to defeat bad omen at this level and survive through the raid.

While, on the other hand, level 6 is the highest level of bad omen which signifies the highest effectiveness and potency. When bad omen is at level 6, it is nearly impossible for players to survive through the raid.

There are ways to fight bad omen or just to protect themselves from the raid. It now comes up to the choice of the player that whether he or she wants to just avoid the situation and protect himself or herself from the raid, or want to fight the bad omen, fight the raid to not just win but earn XP and rewards as well.


On entering the village which is under the effect of a bad omen might result in the player getting raided and thus make survival difficult for players. However, if the players want to protect themselves from getting raided, then the player should avoid slaying the raid captains. The other way to get protected from getting raided by the raid captains is that the players should avoid getting into villages that are under the effect of bad omen.

When the effect of bad omen ends, that is after 1 hour and 40 minutes, the players can then enter the village.


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