How Long Does Brisket Take To Cook (And Why)?

Exact Answer: 40 minutes

The brisket would take around 40 minutes to get cooked. The cooking method and cut of brisket would affect the cooking time of brisket. The thickness of the brisket would influence the cooking time. The basic rule for cooking brisket is to cook it over low heat.

The brisket would take around 40 to 50 minutes for getting cooked from both sides. Fast cooking would not help for cooking brisket. If someone tries to cook the brisket over high flame, then it would not get cooked in a uniform manner. People can cook briskets on the stovetop, microwave, grill, and slow cooker.

The cooking time would get affected by the preparation methods and cooking techniques used by someone.


How Long Does Brisket Take To Cook?

In minutes40 minutes
In seconds2400 seconds

There are many factors and conditions that would affect the cooking time of brisket. Some of the factors and conditions are mentioned below:
Thickness- The thickness of the cut of the meat would influence the cooking length. The meat that is extremely thick would take more than 45 minutes. The medium-cut meats would take around 40 minutes for both sides. It’s always best to get the medium or thin cut briskets as they would get cooked properly without taking a lot of time.

The color of the briskets would change when they are almost cooked. If someone is grilling the briskets, then it would take 20 minutes for each side. The collagen level in the briskets would be very high and this may make it difficult for the brisket to get cooked in the slow cooker.

Therefore everyone should try to keep the briskets thin if they are trying to cook them in the slow cooker.

Size- The size of briskets would also affect the cooking time. The small-sized briskets would not take more than 45 minutes. The large size briskets would take more than 60 minutes depending on how they are cooked.

The medium size briskets would take 30 to 50 minutes for getting cooked properly. Breaking down the collagen present in the brisket would take some time.
Cooking method- Everyone should decide the thickness and size of the briskets before deciding the cooking method. Grilling the briskets would be a great choice for getting its tenderness. Everyone should grill each side of the briskets for around 15 to 25 minutes.

The temperature of the grill should be adjusted as per requirement. In a slow cooker, the briskets would take a few hours depending on the size and thickness.

Why Does Brisket Take This Long To Cook?

Everyone should prep the briskets before cooking them. Preparing the briskets would help in reducing the cooking time. Briskets are boneless cuts as they are from the breast of the animals. This tough cut of meat would require a slow cooking process. People should check the quality of the cuts before starting the cooking process.

The perfectly cut briskets would be moisture-rich, but would not be wet. Nobody should purchase any package of briskets that contains water inside it. The color and texture of the briskets should be perfect. The briskets should not smell bad if they are in good condition.

The briskets can get overcooked very easily if they are not cooked as per requirement. Therefore if you are cooking the briskets on the grill, then try to use a thermometer to check their temperature. A little increase in temperature would destroy the texture and tenderness of the briskets.

It’s always better to cook the briskets for some time before adding any vegetables or other ingredients to them. The color of the briskets would start to turn golden brown when they are almost cooked.


The cooking time of the briskets would get affected by the quality, size, and thickness of the briskets. The cooking procedure would be different for all types of cooking methods. Everyone should do proper research about the steps to be followed in various cooking methods. The briskets can lose their tenderness very easily.

Therefore, everyone should be careful about the cooking of the briskets. Everyone should purchase good quality briskets to make luscious brisket meals.



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