How Long To Cook Brisket (And Why)?

Exact Answer: 30 Minutes To 1 Hour

The cooking time matters a lot when it comes to cooking. Many people like eating a particular dish but don’t know the right way to cook it. But, the truth is that just knowing the recipe is not enough.

Most people don’t pay much attention to cooking time. When you cook something, it can give the perfect flavour and aroma only when you cook it for the right time.

Especially if you are cooking non-vegetarian food, the cooking time matters even more. The same is the case with brisket. When you cook it for the right amount of time, it gives a juicy flavour. 

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How Long To Cook Brisket?

Preparation20 Hours
Cooking1 Hour Per Pound

Brisket is a cut of beef that comes from the cow’s lower breast. Because it comes from an area with a lot of muscle and tendons, it’s a very tough cut of meat. Brisket should be cooked at a low temperature for an extended period because it is a tough cut of meat.

The beef brisket is divided into two fundamental sections. The “flat” on the bottom of the brisket is the part with the least amount of fat. A “point” is the top section of the brisket that is primarily fat and has very little meat.

Because the fat liquids from the top point part seep into the flat, it’s best if the whole brisket is cooked at the same time. This increases the juiciness of the brisket flat meat. Unfortunately, many grocery stores only sell the flat brisket and not the complete brisket.

When you are cooking brisket, you need to know its right weight first. If you have 1 pound of brisket, you need to cook it for half an hour to 1 hour. If you include the preparation time as well, you need more than 20 hours to prepare a brisket perfectly to be cooked.

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It is good to deal with the flat cut because it is so much more frequent. Try to find beef brisket with a little more fat in the fat cap on top. With almost every cut of brisket, fat trimming is a regular process. 

You should look for good marbling if you have the chance to inspect the flesh closely. Although briskets are frequently encased in airtight bags or packaging, the grade of the meat can still be used to identify its quality.

Why Cook Brisket For That Long?

When we talk about cooking brisket, the main reason why it takes that much time to cook it is because of its weight. The cooking time of a brisket depends primarily on its weight. As we told you the right amount of time to cook 1 pound of brisket, it keeps on increasing when the weight or quantity increases. 

Brisket is a type of barbecue, and mastering it is a major accomplishment. While there are numerous ways to flavour a brisket, there isn’t as much space for experimentation or error when it comes to cooking it properly. Because brisket is a tough, muscular piece of meat, it should be cooked slowly. 

Smoked brisket is soft, juicy, and tempting when cooked properly on a Traeger barbecue. Trimming is important when you are going to cook brisket. In this process, you need to remove the hard fat from the brisket because it won’t get cooked easily. After that, you need to remove the extra fat from the meat as well. 

After trimming the brisket it needs to get smoked and left for marination. You can just rub the brisket with salt, pepper, wine and garlic, and put it in the fridge for around 20 hours. This way it will get set perfectly. 

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If you want to cook the brisket a bit early, you can just wrap it in foil paper while cooking. Generally, the brisket is 17 to 23 kilograms. So it might take you around 10 to 15 hours to cook it well and enjoy a delicious flavour.


Simply insert your probe to see if your smoked brisket is done. The probe should be inserted into the incision as it would in room temperature butter, which in the flat is normally around 200 degrees Fahrenheit. You need to allow your beef to rest for at least one hour after it has achieved that temperature.

If this is your first time smoking brisket, it’s important to use a thermometer because appearances might be deceiving. And, you need to make sure that it is cooked well. When you know the right amount of time needed to make it juicy and tasty, you don’t need to worry about anything else. 



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