How Long To Smoke A Brisket (And Why)?

Exact Answer: 1-3 Hours

The average time to smoke a brisket lies between 1 to 3 hours. Smoked brisket, a dish of Jewish origin is now considered one of the most famous dishes in the world. Brisket is mostly made on holidays, Christmas, and some other special occasions.

The ingredients in making a smoked brisket are pretty basic. What makes this dish special is the cooking process. Cooked on a smoker for 1-3 hours in its smoke, the flavor of the dish is worth every single second spent on making it.

The main popularity of the smoked brisket rose from its familiarization in Texas. It is so popular that there is even a brisket which is called Texas Smoked Brisket. Brisket tastes the best when cooked on the smoke of charcoal or wood.

Brisket is cooked using different methods and recipes throughout the world. Each brisket has its unique flavor. There are also different ways in which smoked brisket is consumed.

How Long To Smoke A Brisket

How Long To Smoke A Brisket?

The making of the smoked brisket is a process that requires immense patience. The time for smoking a brisket varies between 8-16 hours depending upon various aspects. Served with barbeque sauce, green beans, and sometimes even in a bun, this dish has something to offer for everyone.

The taste of the smoked brisket is influence by the recipe and more importantly the seasoning. Every person has their secret ingredient that makes their smoked brisket one of a kind. Brisket can be smoked using gas, charcoal, electric smoker, and lastly wood. The time and taste will vary depending on the method used for smoking the turkey.

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Mastering how to smoke a brisket is something most people can’t do. If cooked properly with the right techniques, the brisket will turn out to be crispy on the out and soft on the inside but, if someone’s new to smoking a brisket, the meat will stay rock hard.

One of the most crucial aspects in the making of the smoked brisket is selecting the right kind of meat. It must also be made sure that the meat is fresh to avoid dry and hard brisket.

The cooking temperature is another thing that will determine the quality of the smoked brisket. If the flame is too high it will result in burning of the brisket and if it is too low, chances are that the brisket will either take too long to cook or stay raw.

The seasoning should also be authentic to enhance the taste of the brisket. If every step of the entire cooking process is executed with precision, only then can a brisket be smoked perfectly.



Part Of MeatTime To Cook
Sliced Brisket1 hour 30 minutes/ pound
Pulled Brisket1 hour 30 minutes/ pound
Meat Loaf3 hours
Prime Rib35 minutes/pound

Why Does It Take That Long To Smoke A Brisket?

The smoked brisket is a dish that needs to be cooked with a lot of patience. The flame is to be kept on the lower end to cook the brisket thoroughly and get the perfect texture. Any compromise in the time will reduce the quality of the brisket.

The time is also highly influenced by the size and weight of the brisket being cooked. More the size of the brisket, the increased time it will take to smoke the brisket. The cooking time also depends on the type of smoker being used. Rushing should be avoided during the process of smoking a brisket as it can ruin the taste and.

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To maintain freshness, the meat should not be too old. If the meat used for making the brisket is fresh, the brisket will be very juicy and will taste good. The seasoning should also be used in proportion, too much or too little of it can reduce the taste.


The juices of the brisket should not be wasted. Also, it is recommended that the brisket should be smoked using charcoal or wood to provide it with extra natural and authentic taste.


Smoked brisket is a dish that justifies the time it takes to cook because of the amazing taste. The brisket should not be left unattended while cooking.

There should also be a watch on the flame to keep it under control and not be too high or low. The experience also counts while cooking briskets along with the recipe and the technique.



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    1. I find that the time and effort put into smoking a brisket is truly worth it for the amazing flavor and unique textures.

  1. The brisket needs time and the right temperature to be cooked to perfection. It is a dish that cannot be rushed.

    1. I find that a great brisket is influenced by so many factors. The quality of the meat and the seasoning play a large role in the final product.

  2. The key to the perfect brisket lies in the right selection of meat and the cooking temperature.

    1. The process of smoking a brisket is truly an art form that requires precision and attention to detail.

  3. Cooking the brisket on a smoker for 1-3 hours in its smoke, the flavor of the dish is worth every single second spent on making it.

    1. A properly smoked brisket has a crispy outer layer and is soft on the inside. It’s truly worth the time and effort.

  4. There are many different methods to cook. Each method has an influence on the taste and texture of the brisket.

    1. I like cooking the brisket in charcoal or wood as the taste is more authentic and natural than gas and electric smokers.

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