How Long Does It Take For A Nail To Grow Back (And Why)?

How Long Does It Take For A Nail To Grow Back (And Why)?

Exact Answer: Three To Six Months

One of the two things in a human that will never stop growing is nails and hair. Nails like hair are made of protein and fat. They are considered to be non-live tissue. Even if the nails are cut, they tend to grow back. It is because of the nail matrix.

Every human has a different length and quality of nails. Also, the shape of nails differs from one individual to another. Besides cutting the nails for maintaining the look of the hand, some people also need to cut nails due to nails chipping off.

How Long Does It Take For A Nail To Grow Back

How Long Does It Take For A Nail To Grow Back?

There are many reasons why nails are to be kept short. No matter how many times the nail is cut, it will grow back in some time. There are many factors on which the growth of nails is dependent.

On average, the time it takes for the nails to grow to a considerable length is three to six weeks. But this period will depend on the biology as well as the cell structure of the person. Some people may find that their nails grow back fast. In about a few weeks, their nail can grow substantially.

Nonsyndromic congenital nail disorder 10 is a rare condition in which the person’s nail grows at a slower rate. It is when compared to the normal person’s nail. Other reasons may also be the underlying cause due to which nail grows slower or faster.

The average rate at which the nail grows is about one-tenth of a millimeter. By this calculation, it takes a maximum time of six months for the nail to grow to an average length. Also, it is a fact that toenails grow at a slower rate as compared to fingernails.

The nails will continue to grow after a cut or an injury as long as the nail matrix is intact. If there is an injury due to which the nail is affected it might take more time to grow back.

ConditionThe time it takes for the nail to grow back
Normal nailsThree to six months
Nonsyndromic congenital nail disorder 10More than six months

Why Does It Take So Long For The Nail To Grow Back?

Nails are made of tissues. Although they are considered to be non-live, they continue to expand or grow. The time length it takes for the nail to grow fully may not be the same for everyone, but it sure takes months to grow back.

There are a few reasons why it takes six months or sometimes more for the nail to grow. The reasons are as follows:

  • The main factor is the natural health of the nail. Nails that are naturally healthy tend to grow at a normal and steady rate. However, when a person has conditions like Nonsyndromic congenital nail disorder 10 or Anonychia congenita, the growth of the nail is substantially affected. If the person has Anonychia congenita, their nails do not grow at all. They do not have nails at all sometimes.
  • The other aspect is anxiety or mental stress that will cause the nail to grow back at a comparatively slow rate. However, if a person has a healthy diet and active life, there are chances that their nails will grow faster or at least at a natural rate.
  • The climate can also determine how fast nails will grow. In summer, nails can grow at a much faster rate as compared to other seasons.
  • A person’s age can also be a deciding factor in the growth of the nails. Younger people will have faster nail growth. Old people have a low growth rate when it comes to nails.
  • A person having Onychophagia will find a faster rate of nail growth. As the person bites the nail more often, it stimulates circulation in the nail.


Apart from the main reasons, even hormones can play a big part in the overall growth of the nail. It is also a fact that the nails on your dominant hand will grow faster than the other hand. The reason behind it is that usage of the dominant hand is more.


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