How Long Does It Take To Fill A Pool (And Why)?

Exact Answer: Eight to nine hours

A pool is a structure that is designed to contain water inside it. Pools are most primarily used for swimming and other leisure activities in free time. Pools are either built into the ground, known as in-ground pools, or made on the top of a building. Rooftop swimming pools are used for organizing grand celebrations worldwide.

Pools are generally made up of concrete, natural stone, metal, plastic, or fiberglass. There are different swimming pools and can range from custom shape and size to the standard size, which is the most widely used one, with the Olympic size swimming pool being the largest of all.

How Long Does It Take To Fill A Pool

How Long Does It Take To Fill A Pool?

A pool must have a shallow end and a deep end because the shallow end is safe for children and can also be used by new to swimming. On the other hand, the deep end is generally used by older people or, more precisely, by experienced swimmers. In this way, a person from any age group can use the pool. It is widely recommended to have a pool with a depth of fewer than six feet.

Length Of PoolTime Taken To Fill The PoolCapacity Of Pool
10-15 foot90-120 minutesOne to Two Individuals
25-30 footThree to four hoursMedium Size Family of up to eight members
50-60 footEight to nine hoursFor organizing pool parties
More than 150 footMore than a dayOlympic Size Pool for organizing competitions

The length of a pool depends on the purpose of the pool. For personal use, a 10-15 foot long pool is good enough for one to two individuals and fills up in 90-120 minutes. A 25-30 foot long pool is an excellent option for a family of up to eight members and takes three to four hours to fill. Organizing pool parties requires a pool around 50-60 feet long and fills up in eight to nine hours. Simultaneously, the Olympic Size Pool is longer than 150 feet and takes more than a day to fill up. It is used to organize swimming competitions globally.

Why Does It Take That Long To Fill A Pool?

The most crucial factor while choosing a swimming pool is its usage. Pools are very costly to install and need a lot of maintenance. It’s essential to fix your expenses based on the pool’s use, location, and maintenance. Covers, fencing, cleaning, and a few other factors also play a vital role in deciding what type of pool to choose.

The time taken to fill a pool depends on various factors most important of them are the size of the pool and the speed at which the pool is getting filled with water. The standard size pool has a large volume and takes a lot of time to fill. Generally, there are two hoses in a pool to fill it. The cross-section area and the speed at which the water is coming out of the hose decide the time taken to fill a pool.

Filling a pool before one day of use is not advised as water might get dirty, and impurities will affect the water quality. It is often a good practice to get the pool ready one or two hours before use. Fire hydrants are widely used to fill a pool as it is faster as compared to other alternatives. Pool Water Delivery Service is also widely used to fill a pool. Companies will bring a tank of water to your house and use high hoses capacity to fill the pool quickly.


Finally, it can be concluded that pools are widely used for various purposes all around the globe. Pools are also used for organizing multiple swimming competitions in Olympics. There are different shapes and sizes of the pool, and it ultimately depends on the purpose of what type of pool to choose.

Pools are also costly, and they should be properly maintained regularly. Most pools are used for organizing pool parties. On average, a pool takes around eight to nine hours to fill up completely. There are multiple ways of filling up a pool with a Fire hydrant or Pool water delivery service being the most preferred one.


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