How Long Does It Take To Die From Sepsis (And Why)?

Exact Answer: 12 To 24 Hours

There are illnesses all affecting people all over the world, with or without reason. Even though some diseases are cured, the person can still die during their recovery period. This can happen if the cure wasn’t strong enough, or if the body cannot take the strain the disease inflicts on the body.

Some diseases cause death, while some diseases cause infections and affect the person, which instead causes death. One such illness is sepsis, which is considered to be one of the deadliest infections that can affect a human body, and kill the patient.

There are different types of sepsis, and also different ways to cue them. Sepsis is the body’s way of responding to some infections, and the way the body reacts can become a deadly illness itself. The immunity system, which is responsible for protecting the whole body from dangerous illnesses, sometimes overwork, goes into overdrive to fight an illness. This can lead to the formation of a completely different infection altogether.

How Long Does It Take To Die From Sepsis

How Long Does It Take To Die From Sepsis?

All about SepsisTime
Death from severe sepsis12 to 24 hours
Death from sepsis that can be cured6 to 12 months
The average duration sepsis survivors take to survive18 months

According to the census, hospitals and CDC (Centers for Disease Control and Prevention) have recorded about 1.7 million cases of sepsis every year on average. Sepsis kills about 270,000 people every year just in the USA alone. Sepsis is certainly one of the most deadly infections that can get a human body. It is also necessary that a person takes care of their body well after they are affected.

How fast a person dies because of sepsis depends on various factors, like the type of sepsis, the remedial option used, the patient’s physical health, age, and some other factors. Sometimes they might die within a day or two when the sepsis infection is severe.

After analyzing the type of sepsis, the doctors will tell the patient if it can be cured. When the patient is affected with sepsis that can be cured, there is a possibility that they can die sometimes, within six months or a year. Normally, after the person is affected with sepsis, they will be diagnosed, and a cure will be given. It usually takes about 12 to 18 months for the person to recover.

Why Does It Take That Long To Die From Sepsis?

There is a lot to learn about the symptoms of sepsis, the treatments, and the complications that come after the infection. Sepsis starts developing when the body’s immunity system responds aggressively to any infection, which backfires on the body.

The immunity system will release chemicals and proteins that will fight against the infection, and when the release gets out of control and takes over, this is where sepsis starts affecting the body. Bacterial infections are more prone to cause sepsis, and it also triggers inflammation, and almost every infection in the world, whichever part of the body they affect, can cause sepsis.

Those who are affected by sepsis will experience fever, will have difficulty breathing and their heart rate will also get out of control. When someone is affected with severe septic, it can lead to septic shock which is considered a medical emergency. In severe sepsis, the blood pressure will start dropping, which when untreated can lead to tissue damage, organ failure, and finally death.


There are three stages of sepsis, the initial stage, the severe sepsis stage, and finally, the body goes into sepsis shock.

In sepsis, the infection will affect the bloodstream, which will cause inflammation and when the body is going through severe sepsis, the body will experience organ function. Finally, when the body goes into septic shock, the organs will start falling one by one. This can also lead to organ dysfunction, stroke, heart failure, respiratory failure, which can lead to death. Some people don’t even know that they are affected by sepsis until it’s too late.

Some symptoms will help people understand that they are infected with sepsis. Some of the most common symptoms of sepsis, include low blood pressure, increase in heartbeat, confusion, fever, chills, disorientation, sweaty skin, extreme skin and breathing difficulty, and in infants, there will be learning disabilities and communication challenges. In old people, this can cause dementia.


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