How Long Does It Take To Die From Hanging (And Why)?

Exact Answer: 4 to 10 minutes

Hanging is seen as a direct form of suicide without the use of complex strategies. A person hangs from a starting point, such as a hanging beam or hook, with ropes or string, or when hanging in the air, tie a knot around his neck and jump from a high place.

Hanging attempts are widespread worldwide, and although survival is extremely rare, death occurs within a few minutes or the first 24 hours.

If the person survives the initial trauma, the severity of hypoxia and ischemic brain injury may lead to subsequent death. Surviving a hanging is frequently accompanied by a multitude of difficulties, including a wide range of neurological effects.

How Long Does It Take To Die From Hanging

How Long Does It Take To Die From Hanging?

Hanging methodsTime taken
Short drop10 minutes
Long drop4 – 6 minutes

Suffocation or strangulation from hanging can take as long as 10-12 minutes, especially when utilizing low-positioning or sitting hanging methods.

The following are many hanging methods:

  • Short drop – A short drop is a form of hanging in which the condemned person is suspended from elevated support, such as a footstool, ladder, wagon, or other vehicles, with the noose around his neck. After that, the individual was swung from the rope by the support.
  • Long drop – When a hanged person falls many feet (longer than the body length) from a ladder or trapdoor, their neck will be broken, and they will die immediately. The modern gallows trap and noose were developed as a result of this.
  • Standard drop – The condemned person drops a certain amount, 4–6 feet, to break the neck. In the late 1800s, this strategy was implemented in America.
  • Pole method – The condemned is hauled to the top of the pole by a sling that runs over his chest and beneath his armpits. A noose with a tight diameter is twisted around the prisoner’s neck and connected to a hook at the pole’s top.

It all depends on the tightness of the rope and the distance of the fall. If the noose is made correctly and in the proper position on the victim’s neck, and the drop is long enough, the victim will die as quickly as possible. The knot in the noose will exert pressure on the first neck bone, which will break and sever the spinal column at the brain stem when the person falls.

Depending on the intensity of the choke and blood flow after contraction, it takes 10 seconds to 2 minutes for a person to pass out (become unconscious). The cells of the heart and other organs begin to commit suicide due to a lack of oxygen after 5 minutes, depending on the individual’s health (Athlete/Non-Athlete).

This is also the period when the sufferer is losing valuable life-saving seconds; beyond this point, it is difficult to return without damage to the brain or other organs. After 6 to 7 minutes, your body will disintegrate in stages, first the limbs, then the skin, organs, and finally the heart and brain cells begin to die. The lasting damage to the brain has been completed.

After 10 minutes, this person is almost certainly dead. And the sufferer is in severe pain the entire time, and the battle for fresh air is awful to a rational person.

Why Does It Take That Long To Die From Hanging?

The basic principle of death by hanging is a lack of oxygen reaching your brain, hence it takes time to die by hanging. You could break your neck or pass out due to stress, but it should only take 4 to 10 minutes if the noose is strong enough.

Cardiac arrest, brain death, decapitation, or severe cervical dislocation are the most common causes of death directly related to hanging.


Please contact the hotlines provided in the online sources or go to an emergency room or a nearby doctor if you’re thinking of killing yourself. You can never strangle yourself with your own hands, which is a fascinating truth that will help you relax (Plain hands with no equipment). As a result, life is a precious gift that should be appreciated. So take care of yourself and your body.


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