How Long Does It Take To Walk 5 Miles (And Why)?

How Long Does It Take To Walk 5 Miles (And Why)?

Exact Answer: One Hour Fifteen Minutes

Walking is a great and easy way that can be sought for a maintaining good lifestyle. Just an hour of walking exercise every day can bring about tremendous changes in the life of a person. It can be beneficial in strengthening the bones, improvement of heart health, reducing excess body fat, and also boosting muscle power.

Walking is an exercise that requires no accessories or equipment, besides a pair of good walking shoes. It can be done at any point in time at the leisure of the person and at the walking speed which is most comfortable to the person.

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How Long Does It Take To Walk 5 Miles?

Walking GroupTime Taken
On the basis of Gender
A. MenOne hour ten minutes
B. WomenOne hour twenty minutes
On the basis of Age
10 to 15 yearOne hour forty minutes
25 to 30 yearOne hour fifteen minutes
50+ yearTwo hours
On the basis of Pace
Fast PaceOne hour
Average PaceOne hour twenty minutes
Leisure PaceOne hour forty minutes

The time taken to cover a distance of five miles on foot varies depending on the age, gender, and speed of the person. These factors widely influence the time that would be consumed to cover the distance.

When comparing the walking time required to cover five miles, it is noticed that men and women coming from the same age group and walking at the same speed take different times to cover the same distance. While men can cover five miles at a normal speed in one hour ten minutes, women take ten to fifteen minutes extra.

Based on age, young adults of the age of twenty-five to thirty take the least amount of time at one hour and fifteen minutes. In contrast to this, old age adults above fifty would take nearly two hours, and kids of age group ten to twenty take approx one hour and forty minutes to cover the same distance.

The speed and the pace of the walker is the most significant factor in this regard. The general proposition goes the more the speed of the walker, the less time will they need to cover the distance. Similarly, the less the speed, the more time will be required by the person to cover the distance.

Why It Takes So Long To Cover 5 Miles?

Five miles is not an easy and quick distance to cover. When stated in kilometer terms, it is 8.04672 km. Such a long distance is bound to take a larger time as well.

Moreover, covering a stretch of five miles is also influenced by several factors. The prominent ones are the speed, age, and gender of the person. If these factors are favorable, they will speed up the person.

When comparing men and women, men have a naturally fast speed and so they can cover the same distance faster than women. Men have somewhat longer legs as compared to women. This prompts their inherently fast speed.

In terms of age, old age people get exhausted fast, so, they take a long time to cover the distance. In comparison, young adults have greater endurance and a firmer body which leads to less time required to cover it. Similarly, young children have shorter legs so they need more time to cover five miles.

The speed of the walker is the most important facet that determines how long a person will take to cover a stretch of five miles. The basic reason is that the greater speed promotes covering a greater distance in a shorter time.


Walking is a greatly beneficial way to boost and better heart health. The time required to cover a distance of five miles or 8.04672 kilometers is one hour and fifteen minutes.

However, this speed varies with the category of walkers. In the gender category, men have an edge over women on account of their slightly longer legs. In the age category, millennials need less time to cover the same distance as compared to children and the old age group. In the speed category, people with more speed need less time to cover the distance.


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