How Long Does Pot Stay In Your System (And Why)?

Exact Answer: 1 to 30 days

Not everybody who consumes drugs gets addicted or they consume them for pleasure. Some people have them to reduce pain and relieve themselves of anxiety and depression. Some many drugs and concoctions can help relieve painful symptoms, but people always think of and choose marijuana first. Marijuana goes by many names, yet pot is the most common one. After consuming the drug, the effects last for a while.

The effects last in a human body can be based on multiple factors. Some effects and symptoms last for a time, but traces of the drug remain in the system even after the effects wear off. It all depends on factors like the dosage, the potency of the drug, the metabolism of the body, and others. According to researchers, it has been concluded that pot stays in the system from a week over a month. There are short term effects and long term ones too,

The main reason how long pot lasts in the system depends on the most primary factor, the frequency of the usage. The symptoms lasting is completely different from the pot lasting in the system according to a drug test.

How Long Does Pot Stay In Your System

How Long Does Pot Stay In Your System?

Duration of usageTime
Infrequent usage1 to 5 days
Moderate usage7 to 21 days
Heavy usage1 to 2 months

A type of plant that belongs to the family of Cannabis, Marijuana can also be known as pot and weed by sellers and buyers. Marijuana is obtained from the plant by drying its leaves, seeds, stems, roots, and flowers and making them into something consumable. In olden times, in the beginning, when people started using marijuana, it was only available as powders. Yet now, marijuana is made into different forms, which can be eaten, applied, drunk, and even inhaled.

The products obtained by marijuana can be used for various purposes, especially intoxication and pain relief. The pain relief can be of any sort, both physical and mental. While some people choose to intake marijuana for curing physical pain, some take them to soothe mental illnesses like depression and anxiety. Though marijuana is now available all over the world, it is illegal in some countries since it can be very addictive to people who consume high levels of weed without keeping note of the dosage.

It is the most commonly abused substance in the USA and many other countries and it can be added to food, brewed as tea, and smoked in bongs and joints. They are even available as oils and edible candies. The potency differs based on the form which takes the marijuana.

Why Does Pot Stay In Your System That Long?

There are some short-term effects after using marijuana. These effects get into the system and then reach the brain and other organs of the body. The effects last for about 30 minutes to an hour depending on the dose. The psychoactive chemical compounds present in the drug activate certain parts of the brain that will start the intoxication effects.

Some of the short-term effects that occur in the body include altered senses, mood swings, delusions, psychosis, impaired memory, hallucinations, and much more. Some of the long-term symptoms include breathing problems, an increase in heart rate, continuous nausea, vomiting, and much more. Just like the symptoms last in the body, the potency decides how long the pot stays in the system.


Using a drug test, marijuana can be detected in the system. When the pot is used once, it can be detected for at least four to eight days after the last use. When one uses them two to four times every month, it stays in the body for about 10 to 20 days, when used two to four times per week, it stays in the body for about 21 to 35 days. When used every day of a week, it stays in the body for more than a month or two.

When marijuana is used every day, it will stay in the body for more than fifty to seventy days. How long it stays in the body depends on the metabolic system of the body, age, gender, and the level of THC in the drug and the body.


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