How Long For GMAT Results To Come Out (And Why)?

Exact Answer: Within A Week

GMAT stands for Graduate Management Admission Test, which is conducted for admitting students interested in the management field. This test is primarily conducted in the United States and Canada, along with fifteen other countries. The test is entirely computer-based, and it is given physically by reaching the exam centers.



Test your knowledge about topics related to Education

1 / 10

Which branch of mathematics deals with the study of shapes and sizes of objects?

2 / 10

What is the study of government and political systems called?

3 / 10

Which of the following is NOT a type of writing?

4 / 10

What is the main purpose of a thesis statement in an essay?

5 / 10

What is the study of the human mind and behavior called?

6 / 10

What is the main purpose of a liberal arts education?

7 / 10

What is the name of the famous Greek philosopher who taught Alexander the Great?

8 / 10

What is the study of light and color called?

9 / 10

Who wrote the famous novel “Dracula”?

10 / 10

Who is the author of “Pride and Prejudice”?

Your score is


The test paper contains many questions ranging from problem-solving skills to critical thinking. It also contains questions about writing analysis and tests the students’ knowledge of various theories and problems related to the management sector. It checks the student’s knowledge on all fronts, and it requires a lot of hard work to excel in this exam.

How Long For GMAT Results To Come Out

How Long For GMAT Results To Come Out?

GMAT is used to find an apt management university by a particular student and helps the university find the correct number of eligible students. Students aspiring to appear for a GMAT exam can appear for a maximum of three-time in one year. They are allowed to take the paper five times in five years. The total number of attempts that a student can take is seven, and there is no age limit for a student to appear for the exam. It is considered one of the toughest exams, and it requires consistent grit and determination, and success in the exam.

GMAT was started in the year 1953 and was conducted on pen and paper up to 2002. However, because of the overuse of natural resources and unfair means of pen and paper exams, the test was conducted on computers from 2003 onwards. The most recent version of the introduced exam takes three hours to complete the test. The test score typically ranges from 200 to 800, and one point is awarded for each correct answer. Graduate Management Admission Council is responsible for the smooth and hassle-free conduction of the exams in all places.

EventsInformation About The Events
General Declaration Of ResultWithin a week
Late Declaration Of resultIn twenty days

In most cases, the results of the GMAT are out in one week. However, it may take some time for the results to come out, but it is made available most after twenty days of the exam.

Why Does It Take That Long For GMAT Results To Come Out?

GMAT was first started in 1953 following a surge in the number of dropouts from management colleges. The United States government investigated the reason behind it and found out that most management students are not prepared or not interested in working in this field. As a result, the government decided that there was a need to conduct an exam to test the student’s skills and filter out the deserving candidates to help control the dropout count and provide education to the interested students.

Prereqs are usually crucial in ensuring that students understand their background training before enrolling in a course. Therefore, a candidate does not necessarily need to excel in the course but have a strong understanding of the concepts discussed. Prereqs usually require critical thinking and application. Additionally, there is a great need for you to practice primarily to shorten the duration of your GMAT and finish the paper at the earliest. Therefore, to save time and get to know your stand, it is significant for you to sit for a management exam.

It takes that long after the GMAT for results to come out because the number of students giving the exam is significant, and it is not possible to declare the results in a short period. The authorities also need to determine a cut-off based on the number of seats in the management colleges as it will not be good if the number of candidates passing the exam is more than the seats offered.


Finally, it can be concluded that GMAT refers to the Graduate Management Admission Test and is conducted in many countries, including Canada and the United States. The students can appear for this exam three times a year and a maximum of seven-time in their lifetime.

On average, the exam score is released in one week as a cut-off is to be decided based on the number of seats in the college. The exam was first conducted in 1953 and has seen many changes in the exam pattern since then. The test is based on merit and tests the knowledge of the students on various fronts.


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