How Long is Little Nightmares Game - (And Why)?

How Long is Little Nightmares Game – (And Why)?

Exact Answer: minimum of 12 hours

One of the best puzzle-platform horror video games is the little nightmares. This game was developed and published for Microsoft Windows, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, and PlayStation by Tarsier Studios and Bandai Namco Entertainment, respectively.

This game has received plenty of positive feedback from gamers across the globe. Furthermore, the game features impressive graphics, atmosphere, and sounds.

Being one of the best horror video games in the market-beating, it can be a bit tricky. For that case, we shall discuss how long is little nightmares game and why.

How Long is Little Nightmares Game

How long is little nightmares game?

Little nightmare features a minimum of six hours to conquer the main story. Upon 100% completion, you are assured a minimum of twelve hours.

The game features plenty of sidequests to maximize gameplay. Despite having a short gameplay time, little nightmares is an incredible game equipped with various scary activities.

Why does little nightmares game feature short gameplay?

Just like most games, beating the little nightmare game will highly depend on your gameplay. When going through the main story, you are guaranteed a minimum of six hours.

Little Nightmares

However, when playing both main story and sidequests, your gameplay time will double from six hours to twelve hours. Furthermore, this game was designed to suit gamers who love playing games that feature short main stories.

Little nightmare storyline

The Little nightmare is a horrific video game that revolves around a girl known as Six. When playing this game, you will be provided with little to no information on different characters on the Maw, including Six, who is the main character and a woman by the name The Lady.

In this game, Six’s mission is to escape, and she starts the journey by going through The Maw’s lowest deck. During her journey, Six will come to stumble across Nomes, which are scary little creatures.

Little Nightmares

These creatures will be hiding from grotesque guests as well as monsters that aboard The Maw.

At the beginning of the game, Six will be using her climbing skills, endless lighter and ingenuity to an area referred to as the prison, which deeply located in the Maw’s bowels. In prison, black sludge leeches will be coming from the Maw’s ceiling.

As she continues going forward, Six will come across a monster called The Janitor. The monster will be blind; however, he will be having a good sense of smell.

Six will be chased by the Janitor; however, she will end up losing him. She will then come across the first Eye Security System.

Little Nightmares 1

If she spotted by the Eye, she will be incinerated immediately. In that case, six will learn on how to use shadow to trick the Eye and get past it.

Afterward, she will come across other children who are kept in cages in The Maw. She will then discover that there are some children who are not kept in cages, and they have toys and are well fed.

As a player, you will be focusing on helping Six overcome some of the terrifying encounters through the game.


Little nightmares feature various scary scenes, which makes it perfect for individuals who love playing scary video games.

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23 thoughts on “How Long is Little Nightmares Game – (And Why)?”

  1. The storyline of Little Nightmares is truly captivating. It’s an immersive experience that keeps the player engaged throughout.

    1. Absolutely, Dthompson. The game’s eerie atmosphere and unpredictable encounters make it a must-play for horror fans.

    2. I couldn’t agree more. Little Nightmares is a game that stays with you long after you’ve finished playing.

  2. The length of the game may be short, but the depth of the experience it offers is truly remarkable. It’s a game worth playing multiple times to uncover all its secrets.

  3. Avatar of Russell Eileen
    Russell Eileen

    The artistry and attention to detail in Little Nightmares are truly commendable. It’s a game that showcases the creativity and skill of its developers.

    1. Well said, Russell. Little Nightmares is a shining example of what a horror game can achieve when it’s crafted with care and precision.

  4. The design of the monsters in Little Nightmares is both terrifying and fascinating. It’s a game that pushes the boundaries of horror in video games.

    1. I couldn’t agree more. The grotesque creatures in Little Nightmares are unlike anything I’ve seen in a video game before.

  5. Little Nightmares is a game that effectively uses tension and suspense to keep the player on edge. It’s a masterclass in horror storytelling.

    1. I agree with both of you. Little Nightmares knows how to pull the player into its unsettling world.

  6. I find the short gameplay time of Little Nightmares to be disappointing. I was hoping for a longer gaming experience.

    1. I understand your point, Stacey. However, the game’s focus on quality over quantity is what makes it stand out in the horror genre.

  7. Little Nightmares is a masterpiece of a game, with its impressive graphics, atmosphere, and sounds. I highly recommend it to anyone who enjoys a good horror video game.

  8. Little Nightmares is a captivating and chilling experience from start to finish. It’s a game that leaves a lasting impact on the player.

    1. I couldn’t agree more, Cturner. Little Nightmares is a game that sticks with you long after you’ve completed it.

  9. The gameplay mechanics of Little Nightmares are unique and add an extra layer of challenge to the game.

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