How Long to Beat Cuphead Game – (And Why)?

Exact Answer: 15 hours

Cuphead game is a new Xbox One video game, and it is considered hard to beat. This game is a side-scrolling shooter that will challenge you as a player to pay your debt to the devil by collecting souls.

The game involves going to various parts of the world and walloping anyone you come across. The game’s title might seem easy to beat; however, the Cuphead is quite lengthy.

The time taken to beat this game will depend really upon your gaming skills. Discussed in this article is how long to beat the Cuphead game and why.

How Long to Beat Cuphead Game

How long to beat Cuphead game?

There are three islands along with finale featured in the Cuphead game. Fights in this game can last between two to three minutes when you are not encountering any issues. However, this occurs rarely in the game.

The game features incredibly tricky bosses, with each island having five to seven bosses. As you progress in the game, conquering the next island becomes difficult when compared to the previous island.

Defeating an average boss will take around 15 to 30 minutes or more for those struggling. You will experience approximately 15 hours of gameplay upon 100% completion of the game.

Keep in mind that souls are collected in a natural setting; therefore, playing on a simple difficulty, you will not progress and finish the game. Speeding through the main story without playing sidequests will take approximately 9 hours and 30 minutes of gameplay.

Why does a Cuphead take that long to conquer?

Time taken to beat or conquer Cuphead depends solely on your gameplay along with the time you put into learning the game. You should note that the time you spend in defeating the boss in a cuphead will affect your completion time. This is because the game is based on boss fights.

However, the game features 12 collectibles potions that you will be able to purchase using gold coins you obtain while playing. Furthermore, the game is equipped with some fantastic sidequests which are scattered within the hub world.

What you should know about Cuphead game?

There are some few aspects that you should know concerning Cuphead game;

• It features simple controls. Cuphead is among the few games equipped with simple controls. Since the game involve multiple attacks knowing how to deal with them using the controls is essential. This game is straightforward to play; it involves walking, dashing, jumping, and shooting, making it one of the best games in the market.

• Dying. You should note that in the Cuphead game, you will die plenty of times. The game features sophisticated levels that are hard to conquer; therefore, you should expect to die plenty of times.

• Not oppressive. Unlike most games, the Cuphead game is not harsh. Despite being killed several times in the game, it is fascinating to play.


For gamers who love playing video games with short stories, then this is the best for you. Despite having various hard levels to conquer, the game features simple controls making it easy to learn and operate it.

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