How Long to Beat Tyranny (And Why)?

Exact Answer: 20 – 30 hours

A game that can portray evil as it is meant to be. That is what Tyranny is all about. This single-player, role-playing game was the brainchild of Obsidian Entertainment and was brought out by Paradox Interactive. The release was on November 10 2016 for Windows, Mac OS X, & Linux. ie; this is a PC-only game. This game was developed using the Unity Engine.

This game offers many choices to be made, it has multiple paths in the story and has more than one ending. All of which makes this game truly addicting and makes a player come back for more. This game has a 9/10 rating on Steam

How Long to Beat Tyranny

How Long to Beat Tyranny?

Main Story20h 29m19h 55m15h 36m
Main + Extras34h 38m31h 36m23h 40m
Completionists47h 46m45h34h 51m
All PlayStyles33h 53m30h 59m21h 43m

The contents of the game are long for some people and some finish them as fast as possible. The game itself isn’t that long. The conversations and the decisions taken are the ones that make the game feel lengthy.

On average the time required to complete the main story is 20h 29m. The extra contents of the game take up a bit more time and the time taken to finish them along with the main story is about 34h 38m. The 100% completion of this game is a tedious task and requires many hours to complete, precisely about 47h 46m.

The game offers a completely new take in gaming of the genre good vs evil. This is because in most cases the good always triumphs the evil. But in this game, the game begins by establishing that in the war of good vs evil, evil has won. The evil overlord Kyros has taken over the world.

This game comes with 4 difficulty options which are;
Story Mode
Path of the Damned

Each difficulty path is associated with the amount of difficulty it states. Path of the damned is the most difficult of them all with it having a much more challenging game AI and the enemies to fight having much more strength and pain threshold.

The time taken to finish this game can differ from person to person. Some can finish this within 5h whereas some take more than 40h to finish it. This game has a speedrun time of 1h 19m 17s set by a German gamer with the Gamertag mikethev. This speedrun was achieved by choosing the Story mode difficulty.

Why Does it Take Long to Beat Tyranny?

The game is only playable on PCs with Windows, Mac OS X, or Linux. This is a huge blow because it is not available for console players with PlayStation, Xbox, or Nintendo. Because of this, the game was not very much popular. Regardless of which the game has its share of fans who loved the game very much.

The game takes a long time to complete because of the decisions that must be taken in the game. This is because each decision taken can influence how the game ends. The availability of multiple endings makes this game much more interesting than other games. This causes a player to revisit the game even after completion.

Another factor this game takes a long time to complete is because of the DLC packs present for the game. The DLC packs expand the contents to play in the game. The DLC packs for this game are;
Tales from the Tiers
Bastard’s Wound

The Tales from the Tiers is the first DLC released for this game. It was released on 13 June 2017. This DLC doesn’t require a player to start a new game, instead, it smoothly blends with the game. This gives Fatebinder, the protagonist of the game to explore new areas in the game along with giving him access to many more collectibles.

The Bastard’s Wound DLC is the second one released on 7 September 2017. This DLC also blends with the game without the need to have a new game. This DLC brings new collectibles, new locations, and a completely new set of characters.

These contents along with completing even the side missions in the DLCs takes so long to complete the game.


This game is only interesting to people who don’t mind spending a significant amount of time playing RPGs. The complete negligence of porting this game to consoles for console players also dulls this game’s popularity. But PC players can get a great experience in playing this. It’s not every day that games are released which offer multiple endings which require the player to revisit the game every time they complete it.

One should not worry about the time taken to complete this game. It cannot be calculated simply because of the way each individual chooses the outcome in the game. This game should be played with a carefree mindset with decisions that the individual feel is right for the situation.


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