How Long Is The Oregon Trail (And Why)?

How Long Is The Oregon Trail (And Why)?

Exact Answer: 2170 Miles

Historical landmarks are found all over the world, and some are more popular than others. Some countries and states are even recognized by these landmarks. Many of these historic landmarks are monuments, while some are pathways, trails, buildings, ancient roadways, and so historic landmarks can practically anything.

Yet, historic landmarks must have a story or something that makes them special and unique from the other monuments and historic, ancient pieces present nearby. According to facts, there are currently seven wonders in the world. Some of them are considered wonders because of their beauty, while some are considered for the products used to build them or the reason they are built.

Some pathways were built during wars, and some were built to let people cross states and countries in a much easier way. One such trail is the Oregon Trail, which is a wagon road. It is one of the longest trails of America, but it is not a road in any modern way. The trail goes through many deserts, mountains, and praise. It is certainly one of the oldest trails and many people journeyed through this trail for decades.

How Long Is The Oregon Trail

How Long Is The Oregon Trail?

All about Oregon TrailTime
Length of the Oregon trail in miles2170 miles
Length of the Oregon trail in kilometers3490 km
Number of states the Oregon trail passes through6

The Oregon trail stretches for about 2170 miles, which is 3490 km, and it passes through approximately 6 states. It begins in Missouri and ends in Oregon’s Willamette Valley, and it has been in use since the mid-1840s.

The Oregon trail goes through 6 states exactly and this trail was very popularly used during the gap between the mid-1840s to the end of the late 1860s, and per day, a person can cover an average of about 15 to 20 miles, which is around 25 to 32 km. To cover the complete Oregon trail, it takes about four to six months, and in the old days, people walked or used wagons with oxen to cross the paths. Now, people hike or drive through the trail, since the technology developed a lot.

The Oregon trail is practically the longest immigration trail of North America, paved over land. The Oregon Trail is also called the Oregon National Historic Trail route, but it looks a bit different than it did in the mid-1840s and someone wants to experience the complete beauty of the trail, it is better if they walk.

Why Is The Oregon Trail That Long?

Some hike through the Oregon Coast, but it would certainly require a lot of planning and not the easy way to reach the end. When someone plants a thru-hike throughout the entire trail they will not be able to find lodgings or restaurants serving good food all the time.

There is a route through which people can drive through the complete span of the trail, it starts in the open spaces of the west and ends in the urban areas on the east side, and rest assured, it will certainly be one of the longest road trips routes in the US.

The Oregon trail moves east to west and it is a large wheel wagon route, which was also used as an emigrant trail in the old days. Maps show that the trail begins at the eastern end of Independence, Missouri, USA, and ends in the western part of the Oregon city, Oregon, and the whole trail lies in the west part of the USA.


This trail connects the Missouri Reiver to the valleys of Oregon, and the eastern part of the trail is spanned out across, and also through the states of Nebraska and Wyoming, and the western half of the trail goes through states like Idaho and ends in Oregon. This route was used by hundreds of thousands of people, especially American pioneers to emigrate west.

The trail ends in the Oregon city, and after the path ends, when people reach the Oregon city, they have food that includes slaw, potatoes, beef, and potatoes since they are found there abundantly. People also resupply and take rest after pursuing the path to wherever they want to go next. On whole, the route covers some of the best-looking cities of the USA, and so taking a long walk through this trail, will be tiresome, but worth it.


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