How Long To Wait After Submitting DS 260 (And Why)?

How Long To Wait After Submitting DS 260 (And Why)?

Exact Answer- 1-2 months

DS 260 is a visa immigrant which is applied online. The form is submitted through the U.S. embassy and NVC (National Visa Center). The migrant is advised to fill the form after fee payment. The status in CEAC must be paid, only then you can move forward to form filling and submission.

The total cost to file for the form is $445. It comprises two vital fees. One is the support fee for the affidavit which is $120 and the other is the visa application fee which is $325. DS 260 is filled by the people who are willing to apply for a U.S. immigrant visa.

How Long To Wait After Submitting DS 260

How Long To Wait After Submitting DS 260?

For reviewupto one week
Interview scheduling1-2 months
Immigrant visa6-8 months

NVC collects all the information of the applicant and handover to the U.S. consulate. Hence, the agenda of DS 260 is to provide information and details to NVC. For applying to this form, one needs to visit the website of CEAC (Consular Electronic Application Center) viz Immigrant Afterward, find the option of ” Submit Visa Application And Civil Documents”. You can also visit the website of the U.S. embassy for the same.

Once the application is completed, it will ask for some supporting documents.

  • Copy of marriage certificate
  • Proof of nationality
  • If there is any prior marriage, then a copy of the marriage termination certificate
  • Copy of police certificates

These Documents are required to submit after the notice of NVC for confirming receipt. NVC send the notice through email on the same day of application.

NVC takes one to two weeks to review the DS 260 form of the applicant and to begin with the procedure after the fee payment. The letter consisting of the date of the interview is sent from NVC. The interview date is most likely to be set within 30 days of the date on which the letter is written. Under Section 221(g), some applications get to refuse. Such applications take time to process. Hence, take 6-8 months.

Why It Takes This Long After Submitting DS 260?

NVC collects all the forms and necessary documents that are required for further processing. Once the collection process is done NVC forwards them to the consulate. The consulate informs you about the date of conducting the visa interview and other important details. The documents should be accurate. Some consulate demand for hardcopy while some are contented in digital copies too.

There are several different cases come everyday therefore depending on different cases it can also demand for some more documents. Hence, it is always advised to go through the notice by NVC thoroughly to avoid any misunderstanding. The documents submitted must be copies of the original documents unless it is asked to bring original ones. Original documents are checked during the interview.

After the submission of all the supporting documents successfully NVC will set the date of the interview about 1-2 months later. For paying the fees online following things are essential:

  • NVC case number
  • Invoice identification number

The payment is done through the online immigrant visa invoice payment center. However, there is one more process of medical examination where your body is examined to assure the health of your body. The appointment, in most cases, is arranged by the NVC. Along with the appointment, NVC also informs about the document to carry during the medical examination.

The results of medical examination are either send to the U.S. embassy or consulate or it will be handed to you in a sealed envelope. It is informed not to open the sealed envelope till the time of the interview.


Ds 260 is an immigrant application to apply for a U.S. immigrant visa. It is applied by filling the form available on the website Once the form is filled and submitted successfully, NVC sends a notice eventually on the day of application which leads to further submission of certain documents. Thereafter, one needs to pay the fee and wait for the interview date from the consulate.

Depending on the case NVC takes 1-2 months to announce the date of the interview. On the day of the interview, it is vital to come with the original documents and other essentials mentioned in the email sent by NVC.


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