How Long To Beat FFXV (And Why)?

Exact Answer: 28-30 Hours

Final Fantasy XV (also known as FFXV) is the fifteenth installment of the video game series Final Fantasy by Square Enix. Just like most of the other games in the series, it is also an open-world RPG. It is not just any game, but it is one of the fastest-selling games in the video game series. It is a beautiful but huge game. The game has one of the biggest maps among all video games and has several time-consuming quests. Seeing such big maps and side quests, it may make one wonder how long do they need to play this game to beat it.

How Long To Beat FFXV

How Long To Beat FFXV?

Final Fantasy has several main quests, side quests, and extras. In the main storyline, there are 14 chapters in the game. This sounds like a small number, but the chapters have sub-divisions that make the game substantially long. Other than that, one needs to travel here and there to complete quests. Every single chapter may take hours to complete. If one just tries to finish the main quests in the game, it may take them up to 28-30 hours.

Other than the main quests, Final Fantasy XV has several side quests as well. One may try to beat the game including beating these side quests. This process may take them twice as much time as it takes just for the main quests. Yes, it may take around 60 hours for a player to beat the game, if they wish to beat the main quests, plus the side quests as well. Also, if one wishes to complete every quest, side quest, extras and beat the game to 100% as a perfectionist, it may take up to 100 hours.

The time taken to beat the game will also depend on how good the player is. If the player is newly introduced to the game series or to gaming itself and is trying to understand the game, it may take them much more time to beat the game. While a professional player who has already played the predecessors of the game and is more of a skillful gamer might finish it much faster.

Quests TypeHours of Gameplay
Main Quests28-30 Hours
Main Quests + Side QuestsUp to 60 Hours
100% completionUp to 100 Hours

Why Does It Take That Long To Beat FFXV?

Final Fantasy XV is a massive game. It is one of the biggest games ever. It has one of the biggest maps in video games. In the quests, the player may need to do a lot of travel which increases the gameplay time. The main quests themselves need hours of gameplay. It is not easy to beat this game. The main quests may seem few in numbers but are very long and may take hours. There are so many side quests and extra missions that increase the gameplay time to beat the game even more.

Square Enix and its developers took years to make this game. They released the game years after its actual expected release date. With so much time spent making this game, they obviously were going to make this game as big as possible, and they did. Not only this game has one of the biggest maps in video games and has so many and big quests, but it has great battles too. The quests in the game have great action and great battles. These battles are not exactly easy to win, hence they are time-consuming as well.

Other than these factors, right when the player thinks that they are done with everything, and have beaten the game, arrive DLCs. DLC or Downloadable Content are additional quests, areas NPCs, etc that are launched separately after the game is released. These DLCs are as hard as main quests or sometimes harder as well. So, overall these DLCs also require a lot of time to be finished.


Final Fantasy is a really popular game series and so is its 15th part Final Fantasy XV. It is a big game. It has a limited number of quests that may take hours to complete and have many several side quests as well. The game has one of the biggest maps in video games. It took years in developing this game and the game is equally big. The battles are also quite hard as well. It may take tens of hours for a player to beat the game. May take more if they wish to beat the side quests, extras, and DLCs.



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