How Long to Beat Earthbound - (And Why)?

How Long to Beat Earthbound – (And Why)?

Exact Answer: 25-35 hours

Released in Japan by the name ‘’Mother 2’’ in 1994, Earthbound is a role-playing game which by its standards can be reasonably considered as a classic. The game is all about managing characters in the form of a party and their job is to fight enemies through cities, dungeons, and caves to eventually receive experience points from victories.

Earthbound was later released in North America a year later with little success as it sold half of what it did in Japan. The developers of the game tried to portray the natural world as best as they could having it themed around Western and American cultures. They did this deliberately for the sole purpose of reeling in more non-gamers.

How Long to Beat Earthbound

How long does it take to complete the Earthbound game?

The game does not have one answer which you will come to find common in the gaming world, a variety of people who have played the game would give you a different timing. The best way to answer this question is to presume that the player is playing at a reasonable pace and has little or no experience in playing the game.

The game is pretty much straight forward having one end goal which is to defeat Gigyas. Gigyas is an alien force that has corrupted animals, humans and objects in the world. Collecting items after victories are crucial to the inevitable meet with Gigyas. As you play through the game you collect items and upgrade your party with weapons and armor with the aim of defeating

Players who will follow the basic script religiously in the game will average about 30 – 40 hours of playtime having collected all items, weapons, and armor. Players have acquired enough weapons and armor needed to get to Gigyas and kill him before level 80 will average around 25 – 35 hours of gameplay to complete the game.

Why does it take 30 hours to complete the game?

As we have established average time completing the game would take it therefore quintessential to understand why. The time taken to complete the Earthbound is greatly affected by the difficult levels in the game. Just like many other video games, Earthbound gets somewhat difficult as the game progresses. Although Earthbound is following this narrative, the degree of difficulty for each level is very subjective. Different kinds of players will find different levels of difficulty, consequently affecting the amount of time spent on the difficulty level.

The game evidently gets harder the closer you get to defeating Gigyas. A great deal of time is spent on the first dungeon is hard which will definitely take time to complete since you play solo without a party. The 25 plus hours taken to complete the game are mainly because of time is taken for players to acquire resources and weapons to be able to successfully beat obstacles set up on your way to the evil Gigyas.

The time taken to finish up the game in this article is for players who have never finished the game before or have had experience in playing similar video games.


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  1. It’s fascinating to see how different players approach and experience the game’s difficulty levels.

  2. It’s interesting to see how players’ experiences with similar games can impact their completion times.

  3. I find it interesting how the difficulty levels impact the time it takes to complete the game. It adds an interesting dimension to the gameplay.

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