How Long To Beat Tales Of Vesperia (And Why?)

Exact Answer: Around 50-60 hours

This is a role-playing video game where the main story takes about 50 hours to complete while the main and extra parts take nearly three days to complete which is 73 hours. It is developed by Namco Tales studio published in the year 2008 and the game can be played on Sony PlayStation including the PS 3, PS Xbox, and Xbox 360.



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The basic premise of the game is that there is a power struggle for technology between civilization and the Emperor who controls that ancient technology, the blastia. The main protagonist is Yuri an imperial knight fighting against the Emperor to save the protagonist.

How Long To Beat Tales Of Vesperia

How Long To Beat Tales Of Vesperia?

This Japanese role-playing game is an absolute win for players who like the action-adventure genre and this has been around for more than a decade now. It takes somewhere between 50 to 60 hours to complete the normal edition of the game while the definitive version takes 150 to 200 hours to complete. 

The major reasons for the game to be such a success are their anime-inspired characters and the unique voice given to each character adds a personal touch to the game as well. Vesperia is the tenth installment of the “Tales” series followed by Berseria, however, it was not half as successful as its predecessor.  

The major characters of the game include Yuri Lowell an ex-imperial knight who will eventually become part of the guild, an organization rallying against the emperor. Estelle a girl who is held captive in the castle and passes her time practicing sword fighting and reading books.

The only other female major character Rita Mordio who studies the ancient technology, Blastia, and during battle can use magic spells and even a book. Flynn Scifo is one of the main protagonists and is more about solving the bigger problems than the smaller inconveniences. 

The Over Limits include: 

Level 1Raises attack power
Level 2Forces the enemy to stand
Level 3Activation of the mystic arte
Level 4Invincibility 

Why Does It Take So Long To Beat Tales Of Vesperia?

The game itself has various modes beginning from normal, unknown, to hard so of course, there are fundamental differences in these levels. Moreover than being difficult, it is a lengthy game and very time-consuming and annoying at parts. 

The early game is fairly challenging and difficult especially with the first three-four bosses, with the mid-game the game becomes easier as the player gets a hang of it however the most challenging part here is to go on secret missions without killing the boss, a task which gets more difficult as the player moves up the difficulty level. The late-game becomes fairly easy on normal and even hard, however, it is far more challenging in the unknown mode. 

The main USB of the game is the story and how well the characters are constructed, be it Yuri and his loyal canine, Repede, the blunt and honest Rita, the veteran Raven, or the other Knight Flynn. All these characters have their own respective development arc and also bond and fuse into a family unit as the game progresses. It really helps the user feel for them and also the rest of the citizens who are surviving solely with the help of Blastia.

Apart from this the trademark style of all Tales game to fill up airtime with skits really keep the player engaged on the game and also help them move forward. These skits or optional conversations which pop up do not just fill up airtime these are all well thought after and cleverly written jokes or witty remarks, which are sure to bring in a few chuckles. 


The game is a smashing hit among action-adventure game lovers and even though it is not a favorite of many Twitch streamers, it surely has its niche and dedicated fan following. What really helps the game to be a cult favorite is the immaculate character design, unique voice-overs, and familial skits.

These skits are not only fun but also help to form a bond between characters while they are performing various tasks like walking, grinding, and so on. However, there are certain cons with the game as the combat styles do not go beyond decent. 



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