How Long to Beat Tales of Berseria Game – (And Why)?

Exact Answer: 100 hours

Tales of Berseria is a fantastic game that features an engaging story. Furthermore, it features lovely characters and a technical as well as fun gameplay. With this game, you will be engaging in fights and enjoy the game’s battle system.



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Tales of Berseria is equipped with fantastic music to keep you entertained as you battle in the field. Discussed in today’s article is how long to beat Tales of Berseria game and why.

How Long to Beat Tales of Berseria Game

How long to beat Tales of Berseria game?

Conquering this lovely game will depend on your gameplay. The Tales of Berseria game is among the JRPG long-running video game series. Furthermore, it features a longer main story when compared to other Tales such as Tales of Zestiria, which had 40 hours of gameplay.

The tales of Xillia had 35 hours of gameplay, and the Tales of Xillia 2 has 32 hours of gameplay. Tales of Berseria is said to have the most extended main story of approximately 55 to 60 hours of gameplay.

You will play as Velvet Crowe in the Tales of Berseria; the young girl’s life is changed when everything is taken from her. She will then become a daemon hell-bent going on a journey to revenge by killing the man who took everything from her.

In addition to the main story are some sidequests, collectibles, optional bosses, hidden areas and minigames. These additional aspects will provide you with over 30 more hours of gameplay to the main story.

The Tales of Berseria has a total of 100 hours of gameplay when you add the sidequests among other aspects. These extended hours make the game fun for gamers who love to play games with long stories and ample hours of gameplay.

Why do Tales of Berseria game feature long hours of gameplay?

As previously stated, the amount of time spent in playing the Tales of Berseria is often affected by your gameplay. When speeding through the game’s main story, you are assured shorter hours of gameplay of approximately 55 to 60 hours.

However, when playing the main story along with other aspects such as minigames and sidequests, you are assured an additional 30 hours of gameplay.

Furthermore, you are guaranteed 100 hours of gameplay upon 100% completion of this game. If you love playing games with short main-stories, then, the Tales of Berseria is not a perfect game for you.

What to know about Tales of Berseria game?

The Tales of Berseria is equipped with new amazing features like Potentites which helps in boosting your character and is very useful in battles. Furthermore, it features Code Red Daemon Hunting; this is where the character can go on bounties.

However, these bounties characters are much tougher than their original form. Once you conquer the Daemon, you will earn Potentites for you to continue surviving the gameplay.


Tales of Berseria features an amazing storyline; therefore, playing the main story and sidequests will enable you to enjoy the game entirely. Furthermore, this game is highly competitive, and it features long hours of gameplay.

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