How Long To Cook Beef Joints (And Why)?

Exact Answer: 20 To 25 Minutes

Beef joints are available in many different forms depending upon the taste preferences. Some of the most popular forms of beef joints are sirloin, fillet, top rump, and brisket.



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How Long Does It Take To Cook Beef Joints?

Cooking a dish is not just about having one particular and specific way or a specific recipe or a fixed time to cook that dish. There could be uncountable ways and recipes to cook a single dish. As the country or even the city changes, the ways to cook a dish also changes. Moreover, every single person has different taste preferences, one person might enjoy a dish, while the second person might not enjoy that particular dish at all.

Especially, when it comes to meat, some people prefer their meat to be juicy and spicy, while the health freaks prefer their meat to be raw or barely cooked, some people want their meat to grill, while others want it to be fried and so on.

With changes in taste preferences and the ways to cook a particular dish, the time it takes to cook a dish changes as well. Thus, when cooking a dish, or to be more specific, meat, it is important to put under consideration the different ways to cook that meat and then calculate the time it would take to cook the dish or the meat.

When calculating the time it would take to cook beef joints, it should be known what are the different ways to cook beef joints. Most of the ways or the recipes to cook beef joints depend upon the factor that how cooked the person wants the beef joint to be. There are majorly three different ways to cook beef joints, that are, raw cooked beef joint, medium cooked beef joint, and lastly, fully cooked beef joint.

Different Cooking Intensities Of Beef JointTime
Raw cooked beef joint15 minutes to 20 minutes
Medium cooked beef joint20 minutes to 25 minutes
Fully cooked beef joint25 minutes to 30 minutes

Why Does It Take That Long To Cook Beef Joints?

As mentioned earlier as well, depending upon the factor of how cooked the person wants the beef joint to be, the time it takes to cook beef joint depends.

A raw cooked beef joint is a barely cooked beef joint in which an extremely less amount of cooking oils, spices, and other cooking ingredients are used. The temperature of the cooking stove or griller is kept low so that the heat of the stove does not deteriorate the nutrition of the beef joints and most of it is preserved. The texture of the raw cooked beef joint is very dry and stretchy with not much taste in it. Although less tasteful in taste, raw cooked beef joints are extremely nutritious and beneficial for health as well.

As suggested by the name only, a medium-cooked beef joint is cooked at a normal or medium temperature of the stove or the griller with a nominal quantity of cooking oils, spices, and other ingredients. This type of beef joint is neither too dry nor stretchy nor too juicy nor soft in texture. Most people prefer medium cooked beef joint among all 3 of the options because it is the type of been joint that is more appropriate or most suitable for an average human’s taste preferences.

Lastly, the fully cooked beef joint is the type of beef joint that is cooked until it reaches a soft texture and all the juices of the beef joint come out giving the beef joint a luscious and juicy appearance. This beef is cooked at high temperature and with more amount of cooking oils, spices, and other ingredients as well.


Apart from the type of beef joint, the temperature of the stove or the griller also determines the time it would take to cook beef joints. it is quite obvious that the higher the temperature, the faster will the beef joint cook and the lesser will be the cooking time.


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