How Long To Grill Ribeye (And Why)?

Exact Time: Up to 12 minutes

Ribeye steak is renowned for its tenderness. Ribeye is one of the best steak options. The grilling time for ribeye steak depends on the type of cuts you are choosing for the ribeye. The thickness of the ribeye steak determines the time of grilling for the same. The Ribeye steak should be grilled from 10 to 12 minutes for getting perfectly grilled.

You can cook the ribeye steak using the microwave, but grilling is the best way to bring the flavors of ribeye steak. There are some grilling techniques that help to prepare the taste and juicy texture of the ribeye steaks.

How Long To Grill Ribeye


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How Long To Grill Ribeye?

The GrillTime Required (Charcoal Grill)
Rare8 to 14 minutes
Medium- Rare9 to 15 minutes
Medium10 to 16 minutes
Medium-Well12 to 18 minutes

Ribeye steaks are prized for their flavors and juice texture. The juice texture comes sin the steaks after the ribeye is correctly grilled. Grilling the ribeye steaks in a correct manner is important to cook them both internally and externally. Make sure you use unfrozen ribeye steaks, as your ribeye should be at room temperature before grilling.

You should take out the ribeye steak from the freeze before 35-45 minutes. Freeze ribeye steaks would not give you the delicious and luscious taste. Make sure your ribeye is unfrozen before cutting the pieces to make steak. The meat should be bought o normal room temperature. Take out the ribeye steak from the fridge before 30-45 minutes of cooking.

Do proper seasoning to your steaks, as it will bring out the actual flavors of the steaks. Prepare the grill and make sure you place the steaks above the hottest part (side) of the grill. Slowly move the steak to the medium-hot side of the grill and cook for few more minutes. Before serving the ribeye steaks on the plate, let the steaks rest for few minutes (5 minutes).

If you allow the ribeye steak to rest for few minutes, then it would increase the taste and flavors. Resting the steaks would enhance the juicy texture of the ribeye juice. The cutting of ribeye should be done in a precise manner. You can’t just put any shaped ribeye steak on the grill, as it won’t get cooked properly. Make sure your meat is not overcooked or else, it will give a brunt smell to your steaks.

Why It Takes This Long To Grill Ribeye?

The grilling process is not time taking but may differ for some kind of meats. Ribeye steaks take a maximum of 12 minutes to get cooked, but for some people, it may go beyond 12 minutes. You can cook ribeye using the oven and stove, but the grill is the most convenient way. The time yous start grilling your ribeye steaks, you have to be careful about the water present in your ribeye.

Some people don’t unfreeze the ribeye properly, and this will increase the cooking time of the steaks. The unfrozen ribeye steaks have tends to have less tenderness, as compared to ribeye in-room temperature. This is one most common reasons to delay the grilling process of ribeye steaks.

There are some time differences for the grilling process according to the inch of steaks. If the steak is one inch, the time will be maximum up to 11 minutes. If the steaks are one and a half inches, then the grilling time will be maximum up to 14 minutes. The time will not be the same for the different shapes and thicknesses of the steaks.


If you want to prepare some delicious grilled ribeye steaks, then the techniques of grilling should be properly followed. There are many other techniques of grilled that one can use to grill a ribeye. Grilling ribeye is not difficult, but you have to do it incorrect manner. The grilling process would end in 14 to 15 minutes.

After the process is over, you can have your freshly prepared ribeye steaks with your choice of sauce. There are many other cooking options available for making ribeye steaks, but grilling would prevail all these methods.



Last Updated : 23 February, 2024

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