How Long Does It Take To Grill Chicken Breast (And Why)?

Exact Answer: 9-10 Minutes

Grilled chicken, one of the toughest meat to grill, can also be the best if grilled with perfection. Certain ground rules must be followed to achieve savory grilled chicken. The method of cooking also plays a vital role in the taste of the grilled chicken.



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It is very crucial to set the flame right while grilling chicken. There is a very thin line between getting the chicken burnt and the chicken to stay raw, that thin line is where one gets the perfect grilled chicken.

Before starting the process of grilling the chicken, it is important to keep in mind that while purchasing chicken, one must make sure, that the chicken is fresh and does not look dry. This will affect the entire quality of the grilled chicken.

How Long Does It Take To Grill Chicken Breast

How Long Does It Take To Grill Chicken Breast?

Patience is the key when grilling chicken. The chicken should be given enough time to cook to perfection. On average, it takes anywhere between 9-10 minutes of cooking with flipping the chicken halfway for attaining flawless grilled chicken.

The time also varies depending upon the method of cooking i.e. pan-grilled chicken, oven-grilled chicken, or coal-grilled chicken. While chicken will cook faster on the pan and in the oven, the chicken which is grilled on coal will have a unique smokey taste unlike the rest of the two.

Grilling chicken on coal is a little tricky as compared to oven and pan-grilled chicken. As there is no temperature control, it is difficult to adjust the temperature and requires more focus and flexibility. However, the results of the coal grilled chicken are far better than that of the pan or oven grilled chicken.

Boneless chicken breasts are the best for grilled chicken. It is important to ensure that the pieces which are cut are thin, as thick pieces would not cook properly till the inside whereas thin pieces can be grilled easily.

When grilling chicken, it is very important to trust your intuition. If you are confident that the chicken is ready to be taken out, go ahead and remove the chicken. Determine whether the chicken is grilled to perfection by the color of the grilled chicken. It should be golden brown.

If the chicken being grilled appears to be dry, apply some butter to it to make it soft and juicy. This will not only improve the taste of the chicken but also its texture. Finally, make sure that the chicken is cooked thoroughly before removing it.


Type Of ChickenTime Taken To Grill
Chicken Wings18-20 Minutes
Leg 30-40 Minutes
Whole Chicken1 hour 30 minutes-2 hours
Chicken Breast With Bone30-40 Minutes
Chicken Breast Boneless9-10 Minutes
Leg Boneless8-10 Minutes

Why Does It Take That Long To Grill Chicken Breast?

The chicken should be allowed to cook on slow flame and until it turns golden brown. The taste of the grilled chicken also depends on the part of the chicken cooked. Many other things make grilled chicken an amazing dish.

If the chicken is brought in a few days before cooking, it is recommended to freeze the chicken to keep it fresh. When cooking, it is very crucial to let the chicken defrost completely and restore it to the normal room temperature before starting the cooking process.

When cooking thin pieces of chicken, the flame should be set on high as it does not require a lot of time to cook, and while cooking thick pieces the flame should be set to low as thick pieces need to be cooked till the inside and setting the flame on low will help it cook thoroughly.

Lastly, for enhanced taste, seasoning should be applied to the grilled chicken. Also, a good sauce can add an extra silver lining to the tasty grilled chicken.


The golden-brown grilled chicken is no less than actual gold. The simplicity of this dish is what makes it special. All this dish requires is patience and the proper knowledge on how to perfectly grill chicken.

One must not forget the importance of the seasoning and sauces, as these things make the grilled chicken taste even more rich and tasty. A healthy and tasty dish is what grilled chicken is.


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