How Long To Microwave Bacon (And Why)?

Exact Answer: 1 Minute Per Slice

Microwave bacon is the dish to have on the go if one is desirous of just a few pieces of crunchy bacon slices. It is easy to make a dish with minimum requirements for ingredients and utensils. A person needs to have a microwave and few paper towels, apart from the slices of bacon.



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Cooking bacon in a microwave requires very little time. It is a particularly good method as the risk of mess gets reduced since the bacon slices are covered in paper covers. Cooking in a microwave eliminates all the commotion which is around cooking in a pan or oven.

How Long To Microwave Bacon

How Long To Microwave Bacon?

Stages of CookingTime Taken
Preparation 5-10 Minutes
Cooking in Microwave1 minute per slice of bacon
Plating Time5 Minutes

The whole process of cooking bacon in the microwave can be broadly classified into three distinct stages. The first step is the pre-cooking stage, the second being the main cooking stage and the third stage involves plating and garnishing the dish.

The first step consumes the bulk of time which is generally about 5 to 10 minutes. This is because each of the bacon slices has to be properly covered in paper towels. If they are uncovered, it may lead to spillage in the microwave and make it troublesome to clean. In addition to that, the microwave has to be pre-heated.

The second stage is the actual cooking step. It takes about a minute for each slice to be cooked. If there are 5 slices to be cooked, it would take up approximately 5 minutes for them to get cooked.

Additionally, one can also microwave the bacon for an extra 30 seconds. This would help make the bacon crunchier and tastier. This is also an inactive stage for the cook as the microwave does its work without any need for the chef.

The last step in cooking bacon is plating and garnishing it. This step puts up with nearly 5 to 6 minutes.

Why It Takes That Long To Microwave Bacon?

Cooking a slice of bacon becomes fuss-free when doing it in a microwave. A small quantity of bacon is perfect to be cooked in a microwave. This would have been messy in either pan or oven.

However, cooking bacon for a feast or a large gathering would become complicated in a microwave. An oven would be a perfect instrument to cook in that case.

Microwaving bacon enables one to cook it just a few minutes which might take up much time in other methods. However, the time that is taken to microwave depends on a variety of factors.

The number of slices a person is microwaving has a major say in determining the time taken to cook it. The time required to microwave it increases with an increase in the amount of bacon. The wattage of the microwave is another critical factor that has a say in the process. This is the power at which a microwave cooks.

Another important factor that determines the time is the thickness of bacon slices. Speaking in scientific terms, the duration required to microwave bacon is directly proportional to the thickness of its slices. In other words, the more the thickness of bacon slices, the more time is taken.

The idea behind cooking bacon is to make its cooking an effortless process. The process of cooking involves cramming slices of bacon into a microwave plate.

One also has to take care to properly cover each slice of them in paper towels. This helps to prevent the microwave from getting messy and makes it easier for the person to clean it.


Microwaving Bacon gives one of the most delicious meals with the simplest of efforts. It requires about 10 to 15 minutes to be prepared out of which 5 minutes each spends on the pre-cooking preparation process and plating procedures. The bacon has to be microwaved for a minute per slice of bacon.

The time taken is influenced by factors like the quantity and thickness of the bacon slices and the wattage of the microwave. For the bacon to be cooked soon, all these factors should be in sync.



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