How Long After the Interview Should I Follow Up (And Why)?

How Long After the Interview Should I Follow Up (And Why)?

Exact Answer: 5-10 business days

As we all know an interview is a process that is a widely and commonly used method conducted by eligible members of a company to recruit a person to their company. This definition can also vary as in some instances an interview can simply be a conversation that takes place between an interviewer and an interviewee.

Some interviews do not involve recruitment. As we can see the interviews involving a celebrity and a media person is not effectively recruiting but taking the time to have a talk with the interviewee. In most scenarios, an interview is conducted for job requirements.

How Long After the Interview Should I Follow Up

How Long After the Interview Should I Follow Up?

ObjectiveTime Period
The time that needs to be taken to follow up on an interview5-10 business days

An interview can be easy or tricky. This is because the type of questions asked by the interviewer and the type of answers given by the interviewee can be the deciding factor.

The right amount of time for following up for the interviewer’s mail is about 5-10 business days. This is considered to be about 7 days on regular days. If we consider an interview is taken on a Monday, the suggested day to follow up is the next Monday.

It should be known that the company that hires a person has multiple workloads in addition to hiring other working personnel. So, any individual who looks to send a follow-up letter should also take into consideration the works of the company. Additionally, it is advised to give them an extra 2 days as the cooling period before sending the follow-up.

In some rare cases, the interviewers purposefully do not give a reply after an interview is conducted. This is to find the actual people who need the job and who are professional enough to enquire about their job opening. This quality of individual shows perseverance, which is one of the most sought qualities in a person in a company.

Follow up

It is always a good action to reply to the mail that is sent by the hiring company or individual. Furthermore, it is advised to send a follow-up if the company or individual is yet to acknowledge your work. The follow-up to the interview can also at times guarantee the selection of the aspirants.

Why Should I Take Long to Follow Up on an Interview?

The companies that are looking to hire professional individuals have a real tough time sorting their applicants. This is something we should take into consideration. Since in most cases the number of applicants who are applying for the same position is humongous, the company takes their time to undergo rigorous scrutiny of each individual before selecting them.

Another reason a company could have difficulty selecting a person to fill a position could be the unexpected illness of the primarily assigned person in the selection board or if we consider individual entities, the sickness of the main individual. Unexpected illness can happen to any human at any time. So, this is a factor that nobody can blame.

The next reason could be when a company or individual temporarily halts the candidate search. This can be because of many reasons like when the company feels that the people who work there do not require to be changed, or because they have any technical difficulties.

Also, when there are any confusions between the people in the organization, the company takes its sweet time to follow up on their candidates. This can be caused due to many reasons that cannot be entirely stated. But irrespective of this we should learn to respect the company’s decision.

Follow up

In some cases, the job offers to be sent out for a particular position in a company’s hierarchy can be tricky. This is because the work to be done by special individuals needs to have a tailor-made job offer for them.

The most important thing to remember is that if we are so enthusiastic to know the decision of the interviewing committee, it is advised not to follow up hastily. Instead, we should understand the condition of each company and we respect their decision.


When we set out to look for career opportunities, it should not be limited to a single company. But instead, we should have multiple options across multiple companies. This should be done because even if we don’t hear from one company, there is a high chance that any other company would consider our application.

A follow-up email is important in many cases. This is something that should not be frowned upon. Its importance surpasses its actual need. Also, there is nothing to be shameful in sending a follow-up email. No company or client would think that a follow-up is a desperate attempt for getting a job.


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