How Long Was The Revolutionary War (And Why)?

How Long Was The Revolutionary War (And Why)?

Exact Answer: 7 Years (1775-1783)

The Revolutionary war is also known as the American Revolutionary War or American War of Independence where Americans fought for their freedom from the Britishers for the first time in American history. This war was started from the thirteen American colonies of British America in the Congress to fight against Great Britain. The war was fought for the independence of America from the first Britain Empire on the country. The war took place in different parts like North America, the Caribbean Sea, mainly the sea surrounding the Europe like North Sea, Irish Sea, and English Channels.

How Long Was The Revolutionary War

How Long Was The Revolutionary War?

This war for the dependence fought by Americans was about 7 years long when they completely got freedom from the rule of Britain. They entered the country through trading routes. They started trading with the mother country primarily in Boston, Philadelphia, Charleston, Bermuda, Bahamas, and Jamaica. The trading also started in various other colonies and European powers with their Caribbean.

The war started when the parliament imposed the intolerance Act in the year 1774 on Massachusetts. The twelve colonies sent the First Continental Congress from (September 5 to October 1776) draft the first petition to the King to boycott the use of British Goods. The war started in the year 1775 on 19th April, The British army was badly harassed by the Massachusetts military at Lexington and Concord, which started after destroying the colonial Assembly powder store.

The main area where the American war was started for independence was in North America. The war worked on two main principal campaigns in the thirteen states, and some of the small parts bu the important areas like west of the Appalachian Mountains to the Mississippi Rivers and north to the Great Lakes. The main military war was started in the states north of Maryland. These fighting were more frequent in the year between 1775 to 1778. The strategic victory was started in the south.

Revolutionary WarDuration
American Revolutionary War1775-1783 (7 Years)
French Revolutionary War1792-1802 (9Years)

Why Was The Revolutionary War That Long?

The revolutionary wars mean the war for change, the change in the administration, change in culture, change in politics. The revolutionary wars are for the independence of the country to live with their own terms and conditions. These wars are long because getting freedom is not an easy task at all. One country needs to work with full planning to get freedom from a well ruling party or a country.

The capturing starts from the trading routes. In past, there were many examples where Britain entered different countries through the trading routes of the countries. The Britishers start establishing their companies in different parts of the countries to make their roots stronger for capturing. The Britishers started employing laborers and people for jobs. The Americans started working under the Britishers in their army government positions, schools, and factories.

The war for freedom started when the people of America were just tired of Britishers’ rules and regulations, which were forcefully imposed on them. This race of independence was first started by boycotting the British goods, boycotting Britishers’ jobs, and employment schemes. They started imposing taxes in each and every sector with an increase in the tax rate every year which made it difficult for the people of America in their own country.

America was not the only country that fought for its independence many other countries like French, and India also fought for their independence from the Britishers. They captured these countries with their trading routes and employing them under the British officials with their set of rules. The Britishers started changing their culture too which made the people angrier with the British rule.


This revolution is good for the country and the people of the country, it made the people independent and conscious about their lives and future. In history, there were many wars in the name of the country and for the protection of their culture.


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