How Long Was The Vietnam War (And Why)?

How Long Was The Vietnam War (And Why)?

Exact Answer: 20 years

The military power is one of the strongest of any country which stands as a puller or strength in tough times for the country. Having good military power is so important nowadays or else it becomes difficult for the countries to survive at tough times especially at the time of wars. Military power is so important for protecting the peace, unity, and the citizens of any country.

At critical times, such as wars, all the three defense pillars of one’s country i.e air force, navy forces, and military forces are equally important as they play roles of equal importance any and every time. A country that is strong with all these three forces can win anything and can overpower any country.

How Long Was The Vietnam War

How Long Was The Vietnam War?

ObjectiveTotal Time
In general, the war ended up20 years
For the U.S, the war ended up12 years

The Vietnam War was one of the biggest wars the world has witnessed so far which is also known as the Second Indochina War. The entire war happened over a conflict between Vietnam, Laos, and Cambodia and the entire conflict was started on the first day of November i.e 1 November 1955. The war has created a sense of disturbance and trouble to the entire world and has been a hot topic since the day all those conflicts has been started his war was the second Indochina Wars and has been fighting for 20 years between North Vietnam and South Vietnam.

The war lasts up to 20 years which ended up with eradications and restlessness to the entire globe and especially to North Vietnam and South Vietnam as the war has been between these two countries.

Due to this war, the entire world has been divided into two different parts, the first part is of the countries who were in support of North Vietnam like the Soviet Union, China, and some other communist allies whereas South Vietnam too was supported by many countries such as United States, South Korea, the Philippines, Australia, Thailand, and some sort of anti-communalists as well.

This war between North Vietnam and South Vietnam has been considered as a Cold War-era proxy war that lasted almost 20 years. There was a direct involvement of many powerful countries such as the U.S who’s involvement ended after some years of the war i.e in 1973 and included the Laotian Civil War and the Cambodian Civil War, and all these three wars ended up with all three countries becoming communist in the year 1975.

Why Was The Vietnam War That Long?

The Vietnam War was one of the longest wars which have been witnessed by the world which was a 20-year long war, and the war took place between North Vietnam and South Vietnam. Vietnam War was a long, costly and divisive conflict that had pitted the communist government of North Vietnam against South Vietnam and its principal ally, which is the biggest and the most powerful country i.e United States.

The entire conflict was intensified by the ongoing Cold War which took place between the United States and the Soviet Union. Besides this, there are a couple of more factors which became a kind of big reason that why the Vietnam war lasted so long i.e 20 years. The Vietnam War was so long that it has been titled as the second-longest war in the United States history, as the first war which is termed as the longest war till yet is the war of Afghanistan.

The war was a 20-year long war which has eradicated the thing into both the countries to no extent and ended up deteriorating the economy of both the countries, although both of the countries i.e North Vietnam and South Vietnam coped up too soon after the war, during the war i.e those 20 years were so harsh for both of the countries and even the countries which were involved into this war too was affected somewhere.


The Vietnam war was one of the longest wars in history which ended up after 20 years of struggle by both of the countries i.e North Vietnam and South Vietnam. The war in Vietnam was the second-longest war in history.

A lot of promises and commitments to the people and government of South Vietnam regarding the safety and security of the citizens and all those promises have been turned into reality by the government itself.


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