How To Cut Long Layers (And Why)?

Exact Time: Up to 45 minutes

Cutting long hair is quite a time taking. It takes more than 30 minutes to cut the long layers, as the length is more than the normal length of hair. You can’t cut the long layers in a hurry, as it would destroy the whole hair look of yours. Long hair looks easy but is difficult to manage.
There are many procedures to be done before cutting the long layers. The hair expert (or professional) has to be extremely careful while cutting the long hair. There are many factors, such as the hair quality and thickness of hair that will influence the time taken for cutting the long layers.

There are many ways used to cut the long layers. All the ways can take time differently, as the way would vary for each type.

How To Cut Long Layers

How To Cut Long Layers?

Hair Colour Time Requirement
For thick hair45 to 60 minutes
For medium-thick hair30 to 40 minutes
For thin hair20 to 25 minutes

The average time required for cutting long layers is around 45 minutes. It depends on the speed of the hairstylist. A hairstylist with good hand speed would take a maximum of 30 minutes to give a simple haircut. The hairstylist with slow and speed would take a maximum of 45 to 60 minutes to give a simple haircut.

There are many different types of hair cut and the time for each haircut is not the same. Another vital factor is the type of hair you have. Some people have extremely oily hair, and others have dry hair. The person with oily hair has to do shampoo before the hair cut. Cleansing your hair is a basic requirement by many professionals (hair).

It’s not only oily hair folks, but dry hair people have to clean their hair before the hair cut. There are hair salons that do cleaning of hair by themselves, and this adds extra time to the haircutting process. Doing proper partition of hair and cutting it correctly needs the proper attention of the stylist.

The efforts by the stylist to cut the long layers of any woman would not be the same. Many hairstylists believe in quality, and they take time to bring that perfection to their work. There is a hairstylist that does a haircut faster as compared to other professionals. This is due to the practice of hands and experience.

There are some professions that do work faster but are not experienced. These folks do the work in time and try to make more customers in a small time period.

Why It Takes This Long To Cut Long Layers?

The time covered and required for cutting long layers is not fixed. The required time depends on the hairstylist and the customers. The haircutting process starts with cleansing the hair. This step is skipped by many professionals to save time. After the air cleaning is done, then the customers are supposed to get a blow-dry session for a few minutes.

The cutting of long layers is done while your hair is in the middle stage of not so dry and wet. Then the partition of hair is done to cut the long layers uniformly. Finally, the stylist starts cutting the hair with the use of a cutting comb. If the stylist is using a trimmer, then it may be easy. It depends on how the customer wants the hair to look.

Typically, the hairstylist would take around 30 to 50 minutes to complete the whole cutting procedure on average. For example, the stylist would take around 30 minutes to do a simple layer cut, while for a more creative cut it, would go beyond 45 minutes.


You have to be patient while cutting your hair. It’s not in the hand of the customers, but the stylist. The growing modern world is bringing many creative haircuts to the world. The cutting time is not fixed for people choosing different kinds of hair cuts. If you want to save time, then try to choose a salon that has a stylist with good hand speed.


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