How Long After Rhinoplasty Can I Drink (And Why)?

How Long After Rhinoplasty Can I Drink (And Why)?

Exact Answer: At Least Three Weeks

Rhinoplasty is an operation to reshape the nose. The process of this may be motivated by changing the appearance of the nose, improving breathing, or both.

It is a cosmetic surgical procedure to reshape and repair the nose. Two types of plastic surgery are used that is reconstructive surgery, which restores the shape and function of the nose, and plastic surgery, which changes the appearance of the nose.

How Long After Rhinoplasty Can I Drink

How Long After Rhinoplasty Can You Drink?

For a safer side during recovery, you should refrain from smoking and alcohol for at least three weeks after rhinoplasty. Smoking and drinking alcohol are one of the dew dangerous activities for any patient recovering from rhinoplasty.

Nicotine in cigarettes constricts blood vessels and reduces blood flow to very low levels, interfering with the proper healing process from the surgery. On the other hand, alcohol can interfere with medication and thin the blood, causing excessive bleeding which makes it longer for the patient to heal from the surgery as well.

Generally, moderate alcohol consumption is not a concern for many people, but surgery planning should be unique, knowing how these drinks can affect your body is essential so that you can plan your recovery as safely as possible.

Doctors recommend this time period of 3 weeks because this is the main time frame in which a patient heals and should be free from any sort of harmful activities including drinking as it can interfere with the functioning of the medicines.

Certain pain relievers and anti-inflammatory drugs thin the blood, therefore, it also causes serious side effects when mixed with narcotic pain relievers. So if you are taking strong prescription drugs prescribed by your surgeon, the addition of alcohol can be life-threatening. Hence it is required for everyone to take all the necessary precautions.



Things to avoidTime required
Drinking21 days (3 weeks)
Smoking17 days

Why Does It Take So Long To Drink After Rhinoplasty?

It is advised by the doctors to not drink alcohol after surgery, as this can lead to more swelling and bruising, and also one should really refrain from any caffeinated food for at least a week or so. Do not do heavy work for at least 34 weeks after surgery, just to make sure everything heals normally and there is no swelling or bruising.

In any case, you should consult with your surgeon to clarify any doubts you may have as the surgery can produce impressive, pleasurable, and highly satisfying results.

The operation is mostly only half the battle. After you leave the operating room to go home and begin your recovery, you need to save these new changes and update these results although everyone will recover at a different rate, you can make their path to recovery smoother, without complications, unwanted side effects, or delays.

You need to learn about, what to avoid to get the desired result of your nose surgery as soon as possible and to feel better as the surgery might turn to end on a serious note.


There is some evidence that shows that alcohol is impairing immune function, and while preventing infection is paramount, this is the last thing you need. Instead, strengthen your immune system with adequate nutrition, rest, have adequate water intake, and alcohol abstinence 2 weeks before and after rhinoplasty is advised.


As with any surgery, getting ready for rhinoplasty can be stressful, however, feeling confident that you have chosen the right plastic surgeon can help you feel comfortable as many of the doctors specialize in facial plastic surgery and provide their patients with over 20 years of experience and expertise.

All the instructions should be obeyed in order to prevent any further health issues. The urge to drink can also be curbed using light drinks or healthy juices. Once the recovery process is complete, the precautions must still be followed so as to keep the body in control. This way, the consequences of Rhinoplasty would not threaten the overall health and life.



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