How Long Do Birds Stay In The Nest (And Why)?

How Long Do Birds Stay In The Nest (And Why)?

Exact Answer: Up to 3 weeks

The nesting period would be different for most of the birds. The birds may stay for around 3 weeks in the nest. There are many factors that would affect how long the nesting time could be. Once the birds are ready for breeding, then the birds may make their own nest. The birds would choose a place for their breeding where they can make nests without any issues. Most of the birds would maintain their nest for the whole season.

Some of the birds may make new nests if they don’t feel safe in the old nest. The birds mainly look for territory or places where they can stay safe from all the predators. Good access to food is another factor that would make the birds search for a good territory to make a nest.

After the safe territory with good nest sites is selected by the birds, then the birds would start looking for mates.


How Long Do Birds Stay In The Nest?

Birds Stay In The NestTime
In days21 days
In weeks3 weeks

The birds make the nest to protect the baby birds and the eggs. It’s not mandatory that all the birds would make nests for protecting their eggs and young babies. Some birds prefer to lay eggs on the ground. The birds would collect all the natural materials that are required for making a nest.

Some birds such as raptors would stay in the nest for around 10 weeks. Most of the birds would leave in 3 weeks. Most of the time, the mother bird would be responsible for building a nest. In a few cases, both male and female birds would be responsible for making the nest for the baby birds.

The main reason behind the mother birds staying in the nest is to protect their babies. The babies take a few weeks to fly or move out of the nest. The mother birds would provide and supply all the food requirements to the babies. When the babies would become capable to fly or move to different spots, then the mother birds would fly from the nest.

This will help in increasing the survival chances for both the baby and mother birds. As the mother birds can provide food to the babies for their whole life. The growth of the baby birds may take different times for all the species. Sometimes, the baby bird may take around 4 weeks to grow.

The growth time of the baby birds would affect the nesting time of the birds. The incubation time period would have a huge influence on the nesting time of birds. Most of the baby birds would fledge in a few days. The hatching of eggs would take around 10 to 14 days and this could be the nesting time of the mother bird.

Why Do Birds Stay In Nest For This Long?

There are many reasons for which the birds can stay in the nest. Most of the time, the birds would stay in the nest for raising the young babies. Most of the birds would fly out of the nest when the young babies start flying. Some of the birds may fly out of the nest even if the young baby hasn’t learned to fly properly.

The birds always want a safe environment for their babies. If any predator attacks on the birds or the young babies, then the birds may fly out of the nest with the baby before the babies properly grow. The birds would choose another environment or territory to make a nest where the babies would be safe.

The nesting time would be around 21 days for almost all the birds, but few would take more than 5 weeks. Everyone can see the empty nest with no baby birds or parent birds in it. This means the bird’s nest is abandoned and the baby birds are grown up.


The nest of the birds is a safe home for the growth and development of baby birds. If the owner sees the birds making nests for themselves. Then they should try to keep the other pet such as dogs, and cats away from it. The owner can provide some nest boxes to make it more comfortable for the birds.

During the breeding time of the birds, the owners can provide them with high protein food diet.


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