How Long After Bleeding Is A Dog Fertile (And Why)?

Exact Answer: 9-10 Days

It would take some time for your dog to stop bleeding and then become fertile for reproduction. Well, in about 9-10 days the bleeding of your dog will become more watery-like or it could stop too. For some dogs, the proestrus stage could last for about 20 days. At the end of bleeding during this time is the dog at the peak position of its fertility.


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Most female dogs have the chance of becoming pregnant after their first mating session. Several studies say about 40% of female dogs have that kind of chance. You have to be careful because there is a risk of having a litter of unwanted puppies.

How Long After Bleeding Is A Dog Fertile

How Long After Bleeding Is A Dog Fertile?

Bleeding becomes watery-likeWithin 9-10 days
For most dogs A minimum of 20 days could take for the proestrus period to last.

Puberty or sexual maturity happens to dogs when they are about 9-10 months of age. However, giant breeds could take up to two years or even more than that before those breeds of dogs could come into their heat session for the very first time in their life. Many dogs face their first heat in silence and they do not have any kind of clinical signs that might be associated with the estrus.

But, the main question is how will you know that when is the best time for mating your dog. Well, that can be pretty difficult to judge or even guess because you are not an expert here. Most dogs tend to ovulate and those dogs are receptive around their 11th day of estrus.

The discharge that happens to the female dogs usually contains few amounts of blood and during that time the female dog would be actively looking for a male partner. During this time the female dog will stand in her position and present her hind end position for the male/partner dog to be mounted. Or the female dog might end her tail to her side which is also an indicator that she is ready for mating.

However, there are two tests that can be conducted on dogs to check when they can mate their dogs. The two tests are vaginal cytology or vaginal smears and serum progesterone test. These are two simple tests that can be conducted to determine when a dog can mate.

Why Does It Take That Long For A Dog To Be Fertile?

The normal time period for most dogs is about a few days but that could vary for different things. Not all dogs will have the same time period of being fertile. Mating should be successful between your dog and the partner dog because it is quite vital for producing healthy puppies.

The time of mating is considered to be one of the most critical periods in a dog’s life. it is recommended that all female dog owners should have their dog checked so that they can determine the best suitable days for their dog’s breeding process. However, for most female dogs their best suitable days for reproducing process is between their 10th to 14th day of the estrus period.

But, for some dogs, this might not be the same because they might ovulate early or it could be late. So, there is no surety about that thing. You can learn more about it if you can contact a doctor and he might give you some tips about mating your dog. Make sure you ensure safety for your dog so that there are no complications in the future.

Whenever a dog is tied to a female dog then you should not separate them because that might injure the dogs. It can lead to serious injury to the female dog and the process of separation should be avoided.


In the end, you want your dog to produce healthy puppies. A lot of times there has been some kind of complications during the birth process and puppies are lost. So, owners should be careful and treat their dogs with extreme care during this period.

Whenever a dog is pregnant then during that time the owners should make sure that their dog is not facing any kind of difficulty. If by chance a mismating has occurred then you should immediately discuss it with a veterinarian as soon as possible so that you can review other options.


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