How Long Do the Majority of Single Mothers Stay on the Welfare Rolls in the United States - (And Why)?

How Long Do the Majority of Single Mothers Stay on the Welfare Rolls in the United States – (And Why)?

Exact Answer: 2 years

Single mothers are mothers who live with a child or children without a spouse. Some of the things that lead to single mothers include; break-up, divorce, death, a single woman giving birth, abandonment, and single mother adoption.

Nowadays, the rate of single mothers is increasing, unlike before when it was less popular. In the past, divorce was rare, which happens to be the common reason for an increase in single mothers in the United States of America.

In accordance to that, we shall discuss how long does the majority of single mothers stay on welfare roll in the United States and why.

How Long Do Single Mothers on Welfare Rolls in USA

How long does the majority of single mothers stay on welfare roll in the United States?

Majority of the single mothers stay on welfare roll for approximately 2 years in the United States. The welfare program is designed by the government of the United States to alleviate poverty among single mothers.

According to the United States Census, 6 out of 10 children are living with single mothers or are below the poverty line. It is due to this that the government decided to come up with a method of alleviating poverty among single mothers.

Why does do most single mothers stay on the welfare roll for long?

Often most single mothers stay on the welfare roll for two years; this is because they need to be financially stable before becoming independent. The program is designed to reduce or get rid of poverty among single mothers.

Therefore, staying on welfare for two years is highly recommended for one to be financially stable.

Importance of welfare

There are various advantages associated with welfare among single mothers in the United States. Some of these advantages include;


Temporary Aid for Needy Family, also referred to as TANF is a program that provides cash to families every month for at least two years. This helps to boost single mothers’ financial status.


This is a program that covers medical care for an individual with low-income. However, this is not eligible to every single mother in the United States.

There are some qualifications you will need to attain this welfare. Low-income pregnant women are always guaranteed a medical cover for both prenatal care and postnatal care.

Food stamps and WIC

Also known as a supplemental nutrition assistance program or SNAP is a program that provides food vouchers to single mothers and low-income individuals.

Individuals who receive some welfare programs such as TANF will be eligible to receive aid from SNAP. Single mothers who are pregnant and nursing as well as children below the age of five years and require nutritional support are available for the SNAP welfare program.

The WIC vouchers are eligible for certain highly nutritious foods such as eggs, cereals, dairy, and peanut butter.


The welfare program in the United States has helped boost the lively hood of single mothers. Furthermore, it has helped reduce malnutrition among low-income individuals and increase the financial status of single mothers.


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