How Long After Blood Test Can I Exercise (And Why)?

Exact Answer: 1 Hour or More

People or nurses conduct blood tests takes out a sample from your body. Most blood samples taken out from the body are in small quantities.

But, that might depend on the number of tests that are going to be conducted on your blood sample.

Nurses or some other professional people will take the help of a syringe to extract blood from your body and then the person will collect it in a small bottle. Say suppose, if your doctor has asked you to do more than two-three blood tests then the person collecting the sample would extract more blood from your body.

How Long After Blood Test Can I

How Long After Blood Test Can I Exercise?

After blood testMinimum one hour or more
If blood collected moreCall it a day and take rest the whole day.

Blood tests are necessary so that you know what diseases are growing inside you or are already present inside you. Blood tests are one of the most common forms of identifying and treating the disease that has been inside your body.

However, once you give the blood sample to the professionals of a hospital then you should try not to start exercising soon after it is done. However, most people can have the ability to exercise but it is recommended not to do it.

In one way or the other extracting blood from your body means you lose blood and therefore you could feel weak for the whole day. It is best you take bed rest or sit down for a while after blood testing.

blood test

You could even trip and fall down because you might not be able to do the physical exercise right after giving a blood sample. Your doctor or the professional collecting the blood sample will ask you to take the day off and rest for a while.

He could even tell you to consume foods and eat fruits so that your body remains calm and no problem will occur. Extracting a small amount of blood from the body could make you weak and feel tired the whole day.

Why Does It Take That Long After Blood Test To Start Exercising?

Well, it is recommended not to do any physical exercise after a blood test. You should not even carry heavy objects after carrying out a blood test recently.

You are also not supposed to remove the bandage for a while.

withdraw blood

After a certain period, you can take the bandage out and throw it away. Make sure you dump these things in a proper place so that it does not come in direct contact with other people.

Make sure you follow all the precautions and maintain a strict rule.

If you are into some kind of medications then it is best you should take bed rest for the rest of the day. For those people, it could take more than a few hours to go with their workout once again.


You should not start exercising vigorously because that could stimulate blood flow and might cause bleeding from the site.

Doctors might not tell you some of the most important things but it should be your responsibility too to ask the doctor about preventive measures. He should be able to guide you through some of the steps that you should follow for the next few days.

Your body should be moving towards the positive side but if you do not let that happen by doing vigorous physical activity then several issues could arise. You could experience a sudden fluctuation in your blood pressure level.


In the end, it is your health that matters the most. You need to take care of yourself first and then others.

Take proper medications and make sure you follow whatever a doctor asks you to do. Physical activity is beneficial but it has to be done during a particular period of time.

Do not start to exercise soon after you have done a blood test. It is recommended not to do that because the injury may occur on the site.

And it is always the best choice to maintain a strict routine whenever you are on some kind of medication and other kinds of stuff.


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