How Long After Deleting Gmail Account Is It Available (And Why)?

Exact Answer: Within Thirty Days

Gmail is a prevalent mode of communication in today’s; world, and it is provided by Google. A person can use Gmail on a Windows desktop or a pre-installed application available on all smartphones. The primary purpose of Gmail is that it helps in sending electronic mails to another person and helps in communication. It is one of the most preferred ways to carry out official work between employers and employees.



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The Gmail service was launched in the year 2004, and it was widely accepted by all people. Many changes have been brought in place in the Gmail application to help the customers access and use the application better. In 2019, there were more than one and a half billion Gmail users, close to one-fourth of the earth’s population.

How Long After Deleting Gmail Account Is It Available

How Long After Deleting Gmail Account Is It Available?

The language which is used for writing Gmail in the backend is Java and C++. In contrast, Javascript was preferred for UI because of its features and ease in code readability. There are more than 105 languages in which a person can send an email to someone else with the help of Gmail. Paul Buchheit, an American computer science engineer, first created Gmail in 2004, and it spread like wildfire as it became an excellent source of establishing communication with many people.

When Gmail was launched, the space that was provided for every user was one GB. If the storage gets full with many mails, the person needs to delete the previous mails to receive more emails. However, as time went by, this storage limit was increased, and now it is more than fifty GB. A Gmail can store up to fifty GBs of mails. However, it is always advised to provide email addresses to only verified users so that your inbox is not spammed. Many sites may send recurrent emails to your address that are of no use and can spam your inbox.

Days After Deleting Gmail AccountStatus Of Gmail Account
Within thirty daysThe account can be recovered
After thirty daysThe account can’t be recovered

After deleting a Gmail account, the user can recover it within thirty days. However, when this period of one month is over, there is no possible way to recover the account.

Why Is Gmail Account Available For So Long After Deleting It?

In the beginning, when Gmail was launched, people feared the security of the application as they felt that is possible that their data might get leaked and can be misused. But google provided complete security and ensured that Gmail is protected with the help of HTTPS. After that, also Google has made many changes in its security policy and has strengthened the condition of Gmail. Many people trust Gmail completely and are assured that their emails are entirely encrypted and can’t be misused.

Google has also added a two-step verification in Gmail. In this process, the person first needs to enter the Gmail password, and after that, an OTP is sent to the registered number of the user. Gmail can only be accessed after entering the OTP. Also, if someone logs in to the account, then an instant email is sent that a new login has been identified. Apart from this, Gmail also has an anti-pornography policy, which doesn’t allow a user to send child porn to someone else. In such cases, the account is immediately suspended.

The account is available for so long after deleting because the account might have been deleted by mistake, or there is some critical data that a person wants from their account. In those cases, the account can be restored.


Finally, it can be concluded that Gmail is an application that is used to send emails to colleagues and family members. It is beneficial, and it is provided by Google. Paul Buchheit, an American computer science engineer, first created Gmail in the year 2004. It has many features and is extremely simple to use.

On average, if an account is deleted, then it can be recovered within thirty days. Gmail also has an anti-pornography policy, which doesn’t allow users to send child porn to someone else. Google provides complete security and ensures that Gmail is protected with the help of HTTPS.


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